quadroped walk cycle......sort of...


i wanted to do a quadroped walk cycle…but i had IK Joe starin at me, beggin to be animated…so i combined the best of both worlds and KABOOM…now i have a quadroped walk cycle. now, some people may refer to this as a crawl…:surprised … but i like to think of it as a quadroped walk cycle…:smiley: . i’d like to hear what you guys think. rip it apart.





Nice start. I’d lift his feet and hands more so you can add some drag when the hands and feet are coming down (bend them upwards/back more) and also some follow through (flip them back when they leave the ground). The head I think would look better also if it were lower and swagged more.


thanks for the feedback. great suggestions.

  • think more weight [*easier to pull curves back than to push curves forward…over animate then pull it back]

  • head bobbing too much
    [forward n back]

  • straighten arms more on mid stride
    that will really push the shoulderblades up… a needed item for an animal walk

  • no rotation on elbows n knees
    [ie:sway with the pole vector][the pole vector can be your best freind if used wisely]

  • hands splay too early [should splay the most when weight is just ready to be over top the hand]

  • hands and feet need to rotate back in y as they travel back in z

  • planted items will rotate as they are about to leave the ground [as weight leaves them][held still under stress of weight and resistance of the joint/muscle then relax as weight leaving relieves the stress]

  • stab leg with butter knife [animating in pain hones your timing] :slight_smile:


animation was updated. thanks for the crits. fixed the head and the shoulders, stabbed leg with butter knife to hone timing, played with pole vectors, and most of the other things. somethin still isn’t lookin quite right. thanks again for the advice!




   I agree with the critiques. You always take them well, and fix them, so I see you having a very good future. Show me the Walk when you finalize it, so I can rip it apart for you . :) . 

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oh yeah i guess i should comment…oh wait i already did on aim…well grayscale isnt old!!! cuz if he were i would be, and im not, so if im not old then logic would dictate that he isnt old!!!


Originally posted by Gentle Fury
oh yeah i guess i should comment…oh wait i already did on aim…well grayscale isnt old!!!

I know I know…just havin a little forum fun…

…good to see you guys here at cgtalk supporting your fellow peers…


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Sorry MosaFacku, I’ve been under the gun lately…haven’t checked in here that much. Once again, great job man!!! :thumbsup:



I can’t add much, but basically, the main flaw is that the sense of weight is lost, and instead of a crawl, it looks like someone who is sliding hands and feet on the floor. That’s probably the most difficult thing to fix.
Also, the hands should close a bit when they’re off the ground, kind of like a foot would do.

It looks pretty good anyway, great job.

Keep animating!


thanks guys,

weight is definately one of my weaker points. do u have any suggestions on how to add weight?


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No…just, cut the timing of the key frames…things will move alittle faster and thus look heavier then originally. But weight isn’t something you can just fix by doing that. It’s just getting the timing and arcs of your motion down correctly. You aren’t horrible at weight Mota…trust me, he doesn’t look like he’s underwater…or in deep space. So…just alittle bit of tweaking here…a tad more there, and you’ll be fine. You know you are always getting better each day…just keep up the good work.

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Originally posted by Grayscale
Keep going to Chick-Fil-A like you always do…or Wendy’s. I can see you improving your weight already.

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