Quadro3000fx on a TyanK8W - Please HELP!!


I live in europe and I just finished building my workstation and when I turn it on nothing appears on the monitor!!
(everything else seems fine, all the fans go on, hard drives, etc. and no warning beeps go on).

Im using a:

  • Tyan K8W motherboard
  • Antec 550W EPS12V power supply (changed it to 230v)
  • 1x AMD opteron 250 (bought used on ebay)
  • 2x 1gig 3200 samsung ram
  • Nvidia Quadro 3000fx (bought used on ebay)

I closely examined what happens to the quadro card when I turn the power on. The small fan on the quadro doesn´t go on, but it “ticks” a little just when I turn the power button on.
Im using a DVI-to-VGA converter, because my 22" mitsubishi monitor is a few years old and doesn´t have a DVI.

Could it be that the Nvidia Quadro 3000fx is an AGP PRO 110W card?
The Tyan motherboard manual says: “You also have an opton of using an SSI V3.0 spec workstation power supply. This is only necessary when an AGP PRO 110W card is used. See www.ssiforum.org

Is the Quadro card melfunctioned or is it just me?


I UNplugged my Adaptec scsci card from the PCI Xpress slot so nothing was running exept the quadro video card and the cpu…and after 2-3 times unsuccessful attempts…the quadro card suddenly came alive and I could see something on the monitor!!

However when I put the scsi card back in the video card stays dead (but the fan always moves a tiny bit when I push the power button…only for a second a very small movement, then it stays still)
I still can´t make the Quadro card com alive, even with no hard drives.

Could it be that I need some extra power to fire the Qadro 3000fx up like this SSI Workstation 6-pin (AGP Pro). This quadro card is from NVIDIA (not PNY) but I looked at PNY´s website and their Quadro3000fx doesn´t need this SSI extra power connector that my Tyan mother board supports, only the standard 4-pin power plug (the ones used in powering hard drives).
Would it matter if I would change the fan on the Quadro 3000fx…I have a Zalman vga cooler (with extra fan) ?

Thanks in advance!


Well it does sound like its from the GPU. If nothing shows up on the monitor…have you tried an alternative monitor? If its still the same then most likly GPU. Ive run into alot of specs especially the Alienware workstations using the Tyan Tiger board so i know theyre compatible.


By the way how much did it all add up too, to build your own workstation? From the specs youve mentioned, its top class components.


The Quadro 3000 needs an additional power supply. Are you sure you connected

your Quadro to the appropriate power cable?


AGP Pro 110 cards require power from the AGP slot, and the next two PCI slots. Move the SCSI card to the third (or farther) slot.


The Quadro FX 3000 isn´t an AGP Pro 110 piece, that almost belongs to wildcat cards. So once you had the fan spinning and then you had visuals onscreen. My guess it checks the VGA fan and won´t start until that thing fires up. Have you tried to give the fan a little push when you start your system up. Sometimes the bearings are not worth the money and can´t overcome the starting friction. If that fan is dead and the motherboard is checking the state of the vga fan it won´t boot until it detects action. But how would that mb monitor that fan, I don´t think that it´s capable to read the state of the fan out of the GPU or vga bios, that´s weird. Can you check the card in another computer and see if it is working? That would proof that it is some mb issue.



Well, it´s the first workstation I´ve built (I almost had to rob a bank to afford it) , so Im pretty paranoyed that I destroy expensive things with my butter fingers :slight_smile:

Aze: “The Quadro 3000 needs an additional power supply. Are you sure you connected
your Quadro to the appropriate power cable?”

I did connect the extra 4-pin cable in the Quadro3000fx (it´s the same normal power connector that goes into hard drives etc.)
Do you need the second power supply, other than the 550W Ataptec EPS12V?
The problem is that the quadro´s tiny fan doesn´t go on when I fire up the computer. I tried to give it a little push with my fingers but with out any luck.

The tyan came with some small, thin piece of plastic (as small as a fingernail) far on the left socket in the AGP slot. The quadro3000fx doesn´t use that space in the AGP slot when I push it in and I don´t know if it matters if I remove this plastic or not.

Thanks a lot!! I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

P.S. Sorry for my poor english.


loop29: “Sometimes the bearings are not worth the money and can´t overcome the starting friction. If that fan is dead and the motherboard is checking the state of the vga fan it won´t boot until it detects action.”

If the vga fan is dead, can´t I replace it with a:

Is it any way to “tell” the motherboard to stop checking it the fan is working fine?
The Zalman uses a normal fan connector so it´s kind of a seperate piece.


I would try the card in a different system before I go out and by a new fan for it, but to be honest it really sounds like that fan went south. And DON`T remove that little piece of plastic from the AGP slot, it´s a protection for the motherboard and your vid card unless you want to use an AGP Pro card. It sounds like you can´t reach the bios settings, so there I would search for dissabling fan spinning on bootup. So the new fan doesn´t sound too bad.



Thanks for the help, Im gonna try putting it in another computer and as a last resort Im gonna change the fan and somehow disable the fan chekc in the bios :slight_smile:


One thing I noticed on the Nvidia Quadro3000fx graphic card.

It´s fan is connected to a small 2-pin socket on the card itself.
I wonder if that´s giving me any problems, if the Tyan motherboad detects that the power cable from the vga fan isn´t connected well enough into the vga fan socket.



Ways of Jesus works in a mysterious ways :slight_smile:

After trying everything, blowing powerful air into the vga fan, connecting the vga fan to another computer (to see if it works, and it did), unscrewing the vga fan out etc.

…the solution was to unplug my MS optical mouse and MS natural ps2 keyboard from the computer. It worked fine with just a logitech ps2 keyboard connected :scream:

Im happy…but also fell pretty stupid no trying this one before :shrug:


That´s really weird behaviour, what does the MS stuff did to the motherboard that it was blocking the fan of the video card? I would send an e-mail to tyan and ask for a reason why it is doing this, hopefully they will get it the right way and can tell you if they could reproduce that behaviour in their labs if it is really a malfunction of the MS interface.



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