Quad-Ped Run Cycle


Here is a horse I’ve been working on. Just finished the run cycle. Looks good so far but there is a lot more to do.




i like the work on it, its a nice start, i like the animation on it but yeah your right it still needs some work, i think that the timimg is ggod but it still needs to have some more slowdowns on certain parta, it all seems to comstant ( same speed all throughout the cycle)
and the back right foot needs some work on the bottom and maybe some wheight… i think its running to light and needs more weight

i like the feet on front they have a nice movement one with each other
and aso just put some a bit of secondary action and maybe some sideways movement (but very little)

BUT i like it, i animating horses isn’t that easy anyway
oh and also so that it looks nices and to find some problems on the animation its alwways good do show a shadow on the floor, i think it helps alot

anyway good work




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