Qs about DeepPaint and BodyPaint


I’m looking at these two programs right now, trying to decide between them. Can anyone offer some insight?

BodyPaint 3D

  1. Wondering if there’s a hotkey for switching between two colors, like the X key in Photoshop? Constantly switching tween black and white to paint layer masks, and having to click on the little color swatches is a drag.

  2. Is there a way to assign different UV channels to different Layers or Layer Masks? Does BP recognize several UV channels? I have a model in Max I want to bring into BP, and it has 2 UV channels, one UV set is tiled 5x for use with a tiling bump map, and the other UV channel is not tiled to use with a mask bitmap, which “exposes” certain areas of the tiled bump map. I see there’s a Max-to-BP plugin, but no mention of multiple UV channels.

  3. Do all layers (and layer masks) have to be the same resolution? I have a small tileable QuickTime movie that I’d like to place in a layer, using one set of UVs, then a high-resolution mask in its layer mask, using a different set of UVs. It appears that BP will import the QT only into the top corner of the larger mask layer.

Deep Paint 3D

  1. When I paint with low % black, I get color mixing problems sometimes, where the color drops down to hard black, like Photoshop’s Threshold or something. Is this just the demo doing this? Or is this a fundamental problem with DP’s painting method?

  2. Does DP allow different UV channels?

  3. Does DP allow preview of animated textures in a layer?



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