QNR it's perfect to multi cam netrender


i make i small code for netrender it’s using a structure and activeX and more…
it’s usfule for rendering many camera and many setting to it best thing u will see it in this code is the Elements its make automatic folder for each Element for any camera and working for any renderer VRay Brazil MentalRay and scanline too i think it’s easy for all.
but one more things u have to care about it’s your path does not have any space in its name
to can make a folder for all Elements…

the code

  1. collect all camera in your project and u can select it by double click

  2. setup the properties for each camera and browse the path for all

  3. u can select many port for anyone

  4. u can reset the code

  5. check the Elements and define it in your project

  6. when you browes it you can add the job in activx sheet

  7. after u add all cameraes in your project press the render jobs to upload it to manager

  8. have a fun

  9. give me the comments :slight_smile:

i hope this code is good to all


i forget to tell you that…
the bitmap in the code it’s for my comany
i did,t upload it but it’s nothing to run the script


and that is the image


i think i waiting this script from more time it’s look like very good
i didn’t have any comment yet
it’s helping me in rendering and make a folder for each elment

please keep going and upload any more script if you have to rendering


thanks mohamed for replaying me…
the script still under coding i just waiting for more comments to fix any bugs
it’s not solve any any user error by wrong using the script…
and about other scripts i will tell u later


Hi hogobingo,
thanks a lot for providing your code.
I haven’t had a closer look to the code yet, but I tried to render a few jobs.
Here are my comments:

[li] would be nice to be able to delete a single job, because if you did a mistake after adding a few jobs you have to delete them all by pressing ‘reset’ (or even better: be able to change parameters AFTER clicking ‘add job’)[/li][li]would be nice if the output-path were a global and a folder was created automatically for each camera in that global folder[/li][li] when I pressed ‘Render Jobs’ it always said ‘Error: the job has not been submitted’ in the listener. But in fact it was submitted and everything was fine[/li][/ul]That’s it for now.
Thanks again for providing the code. I think I will take this as a starting point for a script I have in mind. Of course I will let you know then.



yes Ulrich you are completely right in all that and that is what i lokking for now and i said that before to mohamed the code is still under coding.

about “would be nice to be able to delete a single job” i want to tell you it’s the first time i use the ActiveX , combobox , structure, doscommand in my script… i really need to do that but the code look like very complex “to me” i don’t know how can i use the ActiveX as a read and write to my structure… but i hope to be able soon.

about “would be nice if the output-path were a global” i’m already think about that and i’m doing that really now by using the name of job as a folder name

about “Error: the job has not been submitted” yes i sea it before and i didn’t yet looking for i ignore this massege even now to solve every thing and looking for this error

and in the end…
thank you for replay keep me in connect…




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