Qiro wave, Leo Cocca (3D)


Title: Qiro wave
Name: Leo Cocca
Country: Australia
Software: Maya

These are the Sony Qiro Robots.
Made in Maya using Polys and rendered with Maxwellrender
Lit using Maxwell physical sky


nice work…
i think the floor is too reflective…


so nice render! i love it!



heheh, cute robots…

Nice work man :slight_smile:


Ha ha… really cute… I love
the design and the materials…
The floor looks a little strange.
But although great work!


Good work. Nice shaders and lightining.:slight_smile:


This is cool :thumbsup:


Very good lighting. Great job.


Thanks all for the nice comments


I really like the floor for some reason, It looks like a much more life like material than the robots do; dark, nicely reflective and has a degree or randomness to it in the grooves. The robots material however doesnt look real world at all, looks very CG, unnatural levels and I find it hard to relate to. Id would spend some more time on that material, collect reference and work it up again from the ground up. I would also try and ground the robots abit more.

Hope this doesnt sound too negative because as a whole its a nice image, just needs finishing I think :o)


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