Qinjdao Bay, Gabriel Serrano || Neutra Studios (3D)


Title: Qinjdao Bay
Name: Gabriel Serrano || Neutra Studios
Country: Espana
Software: 3ds max

Hi to all. This is an 2003 project, any critiques are welcome.

Detailed planning for the contruction of the 2008 Beijing olympic sailing in Qingdao Bay (China).

Soon I will uploading the complete animation, five weeks of work. :slight_smile:


Gabriel Serrano

>> Hi resolution image <<


Looks good, I’d love to see the animation!


  • Jonas


Nice, BUT:

Somehow it doesn’t seem completely realistic. I’m not sure. why, but I think it is either the water itself or the coastline.


I like the over all picture. The buildings and the vast landscape look pretty realistic and it’s strengthened well by this kind of film grain you applied. But I’d have to agree with rainless, it doesn’t look completely realistic. I think that’s because of the water. The color, the pattern and the soft reflections are okay, but maybe you’d try increase the bump or place a few ships and boats in the harbor to draw the viewers attention away from the water.


Thx to all for the comments.

My english is very bad, but I will try to respond. :slight_smile:

@Jussing, soon I will upload the animation.

@rainless & Christoph_H84, excellent comments. The animation (included credits) has a total time of 4.265 frames. A lot of work and little time (5 weeks). To model the whole city we had (alone) two catalogs of trip. :confused:

Create effect of water/scums on the coastline or the ships (has given him bigger realism), I think that technically it was complicated.


where is animation?


To me it just seems like a non-photorealistic style. I like it, even though it’s not completely realistic.

I also like the blurred reflections in the water - usually people have crystal clear mirror reflections in their CG water, but that’s not the way water works in the real world.

(still looking forward to the animation! :wink: )


  • Jonas


@sqhuang, The Qingdao Bay project was produced during March, 2003. I can´t find the animation file with soundtrack, I expect to be able to post it soon.

Example of reference travel catalogue:



Wire High Resolution:



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