Qin 5, Aleksi Briclot (2D)


Title: Qin 5
Name: Aleksi Briclot
Country: France
Software: Photoshop

An other archetypal template done for a RPG book called QIN and published by “le 7ème Cercle”.
It’s about Chinese antique world. Some parts were done with ArtRage.


Well!I like the style of traditional oil painting! :thumbsup:


Fantastic style. That green colour palette and the reds make a great contrast.


How do you get so many colors in the background and in the overall piece?


do u call this art…
well, I do …

its a very nice piece…

I loved the oil effect…

keep the good work …^)^


Wow! that’s some impressive style you got there!!

Good stuff!


:eek: Wow, new member and already three awards !! :slight_smile:
This piece is very nice and I would add that it’s my favorite among the three!! :love:

I like the texture on the cloth, on the hair, on the skin… and mostly the way you melt it with the background :love: The final render is so realistic, but yet, the way you left “brush strokes” that creates the background texture reminds us that it’s “just a painting”… it’s made from a human hand… it’s so incredible… et pas dans le sens de incrédible mais bien incroyable :wink: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Encore félicitation et bonne continuation à toi Aleksi


Give this person another cg choice award, LOL, although I wouldn’t doubt you get one for this image! Great stuff!:thumbsup:




Great job .:bounce:
Very nice light and character .
I love the background .
cheers .:thumbsup:


i love the messy and loose yet meticulous style of painting. Great job with the folds on the cloth, by the way, though you left quite a few spots on it untextured.


very nice composition and technique.


WoW, Beautiful work!

Fantastic style , colors and brushes. :applause:


Great technique and use of light!


Awesoem stuff man! Love it!


:thumbsup: wow.



The colors are just awesome, I like it ! héhé beau boulot !


choir: “Aleksi, Aleksi, Aleksi,…!!!”

great work again, i love your style!


:smiley: stellar !


colors are great, lovely style, awsome work :wink: !