Q:thickness,smooth and clothes


First, i always want to show thickness of a material of the cloth. It’s not really a syflex thingy but has anyone had a crack at it and how?

second, with flag, table cloth etc (poly model with 90 degrees corner) I tend to make the model very hires at the start so I dont have to run smooth operation later but the result sometimes very slow especially if I have to bake it later. I can’t run a smooth because it’s going to smooth the corners as well. Any workaround?

third, is there anyway we can have more than one cloth object in the scene without having to bake it?


second: you can use a wrap deformer to animate the hires object.


for first and second, you may want to use a wrap deformer.
for second, you may want to duplicate the cloth object, connect out mesh of the cloth to the in mesh of the duplicate, convert the duplicate to subD with history on and finally hard cease the corners of your flag.
But there are minimum a hundred more possibilities …



finally hard cease the corners of your flag

that’s going to harden ALL edges and it’s not pretty…


select just the corner vertex of the subD (not the poly cage) and choose Subdiv Surfaces : Full Crease Edge/Vertex - this keeps only the tip sharpened.
to make things easier disable temporarely the display of polys through the model pane menue.


yeah, set up your simulation and then perform polyextrude on your cloth. I use negative extrudes a lot to close the tiny gap that my external envelope leaves between my collision object and my cloth.
its not even gonna slow down your simulation as syflex only computes the collision for the original cloth. you can even apply a smoothpoly to it and then run it. wont change a thing, just makes it look smoother. (will only get slow wenn maya has trouble refreshing the polygons in real time, like wiith 3 or more divisions)


As has been said, the way to use syflex is to use it as a wrap deformer.
I usually use polySmooth, you can simply turn of edgesmoothing, it’s a flag on your smooth command.
Ofcourse you can have multiple cloth in a scene, it’s pretty straightforward, what problems do you get?


syflex as a wrap deformer. hmmm. can you get into that a bit more specifically, i dont exactly know what you mean


Create cloth, hit play, then use that cloth to manipulate the high definition geometry using wrap deforming.


What are the advantages of doing this ?


Just have a try u will find that.
You can edit the wrapped obj freely if you just render for one frame.


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