Q: Switching back and forth between Subd/Poly


In Lightwave you can, very neatly, switch back and forth between subd/poly with Tab. I know Maya doesn’t work that way but how do I get my model back to poly after being converted to subd?

When I convert my poly model to subd and then convert it back to poly it has A LOT more polys than the original had.

Hope this question isn’t too basic for this forum :wink:


Modify>convert>subd to polygon,
but that is only if you have used the same command to convert your subd to polygon,

but if you are working with a subd then just RMB and choose polygon(you are entering a (polyProxyMode) with a polycage and all, then to go just RMB and choose standard,

i dont know about lightwave but i dont think maya and lightwave have the same type of Subd´s



When you convert from subD to poly change the conversion from adaptive to vertices so that you don’t end up with a smoothed poly version of the subd.



Yes! Changing tesselation method to vertices just made my day! Thanks a bunch!

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you can simply make 2 little shortcuts in a shelf next to each other to switch back and forth. make sure you set them to level 0 verts (as said earlier) when switching back to poly and if you do work in the poly proxy mode of subD and want to convert back to full polygons, dont forget to turn poly proxy mode OFF (or to normal subD mode) or itll duplicate the mesh under the same node (this got me several times GRRRRR)


Yeah! Wonderful!

I might just add that when adding a menu item to the shelf you need to press Ctrl-Shift-Alt (IRIX), Shift-Alt (Linux), or Ctrl-Shift (Windows), then select the item from the appropriate menu.

Works like a charm! Thank you



goto highend and do a search for “sub” and you will find a mel script called Togglesubd.


Thanks Mushroomgod! I’ll just as well post the link here:


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