Q&A Thread: Please post questions for Pre-Dom War V here.


This thread is for all questions and answers. I will edit this first post to display frequently asked questions (FAQ).

However, before we get into this Q&A can I have everyone make sure that they have read the threads that are already started? This will prevent me from having to repeat myself. I really dislike repeating things which have already been repeated.

If you are doing the Concept Art challenge, [thread=933762]read this[/thread].
If you are doing the 3D Character Art challenge, [thread=933766]read this[/thread].
If you are doing the 3D Animation challenge, [thread=933765]read this[/thread].

Everyone should also, read this.

If you still have a question after doing all of this reading, then please post in this thread and I will answer it to the best of my knowledge.

To repeat once more, I will not be repeating answers to questions that have already been answered in the rules or threads that I’ve already started. So, if it seems as though I’m ignoring you … I am. Because I’ve already repeated something that answered your question.

Sorry for the hypocrisy of repeating myself here when I said I wouldn’t and thank you for your understanding. Now get busy!! :beer:


Q: Do I create a new WIP thread for my Pre-Dominance War V challenge?
A: No, the Pre-Dominance War V challenges are like mini challenges prior to the big event (DWV). These will run for the next 4 weeks and all WIP and entries are to be posted in the following threads:[ul][][thread=933766]Pre-DomWar V - 3D Character Art[/thread][][thread=933765]Pre-DomWar V - 3D Animation[/thread][*][thread=933762]Pre-DomWar V - Concept Art[/thread][/ul]When the actual DWV competition starts in January, you will have the opportunity to create your own WIP thread.


exelent! its already up, so war its beginning, at least the first recoon at the battlefield ^.^

so we have to post our concepts and wips here http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=322&t=933766 , without any order in particular, all messy. Or we have to do a thread for it or we have to post only once per week??


Where exactally do I post my wips and concept art if I want to compeat for cgs team? I’m entering the 3d chalange but I’m not sure the appropreate way to post and be recognised.


For the 3D animation, what about the environment where the fight will take place? Are we allowed to make a rough room/arena/city or something? Or just the ground?


sorry for my annoying question, i’ve read the rule but still gotta ask, so how to submit your work ? are they gonna instruct us how ? and if you guys follow the pre-DW V challenge, you really cannot join the main challenge ?


yep you just post your WIP and comments all in the same Thread for 3D modelers its all here Click Here
it’s messy but also gets people seeing what everyone is doing all in one spot :slight_smile:


so if we should post our entire WIPs in those thread, where should we post the final image (for the concept art)? if the final image have to be posted in the same thread, how you would recognize it’s the final image not just WIP? do we just have to state ‘final image’ when we post it? thx


TitforTat - I don’t see any mention of an environment for the fight (aside from mention of a floor). I would concentrate on the animation and maybe use basic primitive shapes if you need a character jumping off of something or climbing. The important part is the animation.

harlequin02 - You will be able to enter the DWV after this mini challenge. I don’t know where you got that information from.


-Everything for this challenge must be made from scratch (animation category may use base mesh supplied by DW). No pre-existing ideas, sketchs, drawings, base meshes, or body models can be used.
-Keep gore and nudity to a decent level please! Don’t get DW banned in various countries!

  •                     Artists can only join 1 team for all of dominance war V. If you start with polycount, you cannot later switch to gameartisans or cgsociety. Traitors are not welcomed.
                        -                          [u][i][b]You are not required to enter all challenges (November 8th pre-DomWar and January 5th Main Challenge). Pick the ones you like, and join.

-[/b][/i][/u] This is a wip challenge. Posting your work in progress in your chosen forum is ABSOLUTLY MANDATORY. Do not wait until the last day to show your progress or you can potentially be disqualified.
-You can only submit one 1000x1000 350k max final image. What this means? 200w x 1000h is fine. 999w x 500h is fine. 1001w x 200h is NOT fine. This image must include your team logo, your characters name, and your personal name and/or contact details.
-You can use any 3d, 2d, or animation software package in the world to create your entry. You can also use traditional mediums like pencil, paper, paint, etc to create your entry.
-Only 1 entry per person per category (3d Character, Concept Art, Character Animation). Do not create or try to create multiple entries with different user names.
-Final submissions are final. If you upload your final image 4 days before the deadline, do not ask us to change it. Make sure you are happy with your image before you submit it into the system.
- Public voting to find each team’s best entries, starts December 6th and will continue throughout the Christmas break. Later, each team’s best will be gathered into a single pool, and a grand champion will be chosen and announced with all other Dominance War V event champions in April 2011.

that one !


Are we allowed to post Work in Progress images on our own blog too?

@harlequin02: That simply means that you do not have to take place on both … you can also choose to just work on one challenge. As you like. For shure you can enter both the pre and the main.


harlequin02 - “You are not required to enter all challenges”, means that you can …[ul][li]… enter the Pre-DW and not the DW.[]… not enter the Pre-DW and just enter the DW[]… enter both the Pre-DW and the DW.[*]… enter neither of them.[/ul]Those are your choices. (Red on CGTalk’s background color is really difficult to read - this is why I use orange)
ChrRambow - Yes, you can post to your own blog.


Are animal companions allowed in the 2D concept art? Or just the char?


to be sure I ask here:
if I am chose war general can I add it magic? magical glow, lightning, fire, and other effects? with alpha and luminance map on my polygons or he must be absolutely real? without any effect on the model?


CDorius - I don’t see why you couldn’t include an animal companion. Just be sure to focus on the two characters and not one character w/pet. Remember that the 2D competition is about the interaction between the two characters. If your pet distracts from that, it may hinder your entry during judging.

Alexzavr - I don’t see anything in the rules that would prohibit the use of alpha and luminance maps.


just to be clear on the rules…
we get
“1024x1024 for diffuse, specular color, specular level, glow, opacity, and ambient color”
so that’s 6 1024 maps in total?


Hi, uhhh I know is kind of early to say this but I am having the feeling that CG society is not gathering too many people yet , it´s only the second day I know but I,ve been looking in other forums and they are way ahead of us already and maybe I don´t know featuring DW in the frontpage could help? but I am almost sure that we will catch up next week is just a suggestion.


lorez - That is correct.


The wording for the normal maps have me confused. It says no painting normal maps. Does this mean no normal maps what so ever, or just that we can’t paint in additional detail beyond what we can get in a high poly bake?


SpiralFace - It says “no normal maps”. I understand that to mean, no normal maps.


Sorry, was posting animation questions in the Animation Thread, I’ll try them here:

  1. If I wanted to rip off a limb, could I use the 500 extra tri’s for that ‘accessory’ (the limb Duplicate)?

It also wouldn’t alter the base mesh, since you could scale the joints of that area down and tuck them back inside the mesh.

Saw this over at three dee total .com’s rule listing about decapitation/limb rip:

“looking over the rules, I would say no, you can change the mesh. But, you are allowed to ad 500 tris to the mesh, so depending on how you go about animating and camera angles, you could “fake” a body part being ripped off. use the 500 tris to model out more or duplicate body parts.”

I can work with that, scale and tuck in the limb into the body, have a dup of the limb as a prop. Same process I used for an in game solution back on Heaven Vs Hell:

  1. How would you achieve anything for the TechnoMage without some sort of vfx proxy/stand in?