[Python]Procedural Trees Generator


Hi folks! I’m developing procedural trees generator in my free time for more than a year now. Any suggestions about what should I change, add, remove or improve are welcomed :slight_smile:
Btw, do You guys know how to make render of these trees in Viewport 2.0 faster? When I change textures in Legacy viewport, trees are rerendered in an instant, but in Viewport 2.0 You can see that every second several hundred branches and leafs are rendered. So, its a quite a bit slower. Could I make some changes in the Viewport 2.0 options that will improve performance?




maybe try to lower the Max texture resolution clamping in the VP2 options


Hi! I’ve tried to do that. I’ve even implemented functionality that reduces texture resolution within the app, but looks like texture resolution doesn’t have noticeable impact on the performance. It looks like Viewport 2.0 does some unnecessary copying of data for every object


This looks very cool, indeed! Have you considered a trial or test version for us to play with, help with bugs and compare Viewport 2 performance? Which GPU are you using that’s causing these troubles, and which version of Maya?

I’d gladly pay for a new, potent solution for trees. I’m still just using OnyxTree, which is great for hero trees but tedious for big forests. I’ve tried Plant Studio from E-on and of course a dozen other solutions, but Onyx is still the only one that gets the phyllotaxy correct. That is, most trees and plants have sky-sensitive leaves, and none of the other solutions get that right.

So please consider coding in sky-sensitive leaves as an option! :slight_smile:


Hi! Thank You. Yes, I plan to release it, its just that I do this in my free time so it is improving really slowly. I’m using Maya 2018 and Nvidia GTX 1070. I really have to make render faster and after I add 5-10 more tree types it will be ok to release it. I will consider sky-sensitive leafs, but first I will have to google what that is :smiley: Thanks for feedback :slight_smile:


There’s really no way to say why it’s slow without knowing anything about what it’s doing. Maybe upload a test scene…