PYTHON - Picking random items from an objects list/array


When looking at @noseman’s solutions, I found the respective entry (at the very end: Visibility) in the always helpful help system.

While noseman’s scene’s of course work nicely in R21, I do like the idea of Fields a lot (even if I’m not capable of using them in ways I’d like to. But that’s my fault). Unfortunately the “Switch to Fields” button fails to do the job properly in this case, so I thought, I’d upload the setup. As simple as noseman’s, just with a Linear Field. Pretty straightt forward, compared to what I posted above. Sometimes life can be so easy…

Objects Random R20 Linear Field 01A.c4d (284.6 KB)


ok, so this is the animation i could come up with so far, it just has a basic camera movement.

i’d like to touch up a bit the bounce of the cube, but i don’t know how to make it bounce and fall into the exact position i need it to be for the next stage. also i might be touching up a bit the whole animation, but i’m quite happy with it atm