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Does anyone know if there are any examples of a python scripts for use in MS 2? I can’t find anything in the docs on it, nor any example scripts in the pyscripts dir (except for the which is more of an include file)?


This feature, along with AutoRigII are still under development. You can see an example of the Python module at work in the script in your <messiah folder>\modules\autorig directory. This script will change drastically in the next version, but it should give you some idea of what’s there.

For the most part the python module follows messiah’s API in terms of function names. The main difference being that whereas the messiah API uses an ‘fx’ prefix to each function name, the python modules places all of the functions in a module called ‘fx’. Therefore the API called fxToolCreate would be fx.ToolCreate in python. There are other language related differences as well, for example most of the python functions offer default values for some of their arguments (most notable the ‘flags’ argument), of course this isn’t possible in C.

The two features that are still to be completed are a messiah effect and an armature action that will be used to call user defined python functions. Another feature that will be added is a scene load startup script that will handle the creation of any global variables for use by those effect or action scripts.

I will post more information about this module as it nears completion.



Thanks for the info. I’ll take a look at the script you referenced.

I look forward to seeing the final version (of python support and autorigII).



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