Python auto indent broken


I’m not sure if I’ve accidently clicked something, but the automatic indent in my Python window seems broken. If I hit enter twice to get a blank line, the cursor goes way over to the left - not the 4 space standard indent. I’m on R20.057. Any ideas ?



Not in your version, but yes the cursor should indent when you hit enter.


Hi, I’m Maxime from the SDK Team of Maxon, I can indeed confirm the issue and I’ve filled a bug report.

Please for Python/Console bugs report them on The official cinema 4d plugin development forum , and the only one we tracks daily.

For any others bugreports not related to scripting please report them on

If you never send us (to maxon) bugreport, bugs will never be fixed.


Thanks for reply. I think this issue arose with the R20.057 update - I loaded a Macrium image from about 1 month ago (with version before R20.057) and the Python cursor was OK.

This, however, wasn’t a fix because my R20.057 render nodes now say ‘wrong version’.


Yes this is a bug introduced in R20.055.