just a stupid request, but has n e 1 got n e sample images they have rendered in c4d using pyrocluster? just to see how good it is.



what sort of things were you hoping to do with it? because you may be better with stormtracer
pyrocluster is incredibly slow


Check out the MAXON website

But like Squidinc says you’ll have to check Stormtracer!!


i presume strom tracers is capable of the same sort of volumetrics as pc??? i am lookin at doing things similar to the volcano and the refinery images posted above ^^^


storm can do a lot (and a lot faster than pyrocluster). have a look at it’s website


it’s sprite based but can make very convincing effects, take a look at the gallery
it also renders a LOT faster than pyrocluster :slight_smile:


go to…

last image.

very slow.

how is storm tracer with TP? (age, distance, born, die stuff like that)



take a look at any of the examples in the storm tracer gallery. or even at the times on the images on the introductory page. your image would render very fast with storm and would take virtually no time to set up. and you can use tp age etc as much as you want, pretty much wherever you want.


StormTracer does not do true volumetrics like Pyrocluster, but to be perfectly honest, you’d be hard-pressed to tell the difference with a well-designed Storm. I find Pyrocluster very unintuitive to use, and it’s difficult to get results that look good, regardless of how “accurate” the physics behind the system might be. StormTracer, on the other hand, takes about fifteen minutes to learn (at least to get the basics), is much easier to use, and often prduces results that look better than anything I’ve ever gotten out of Pyrocluster. And as others have said, it renders very quickly.


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