Pyramids City: Matte Painting, Slim Larnaout (2D)


Title: Pyramids City: Matte Painting
Name: Slim Larnaout
Country: Tunisia
Software: Photoshop

Hi everybody,
This piece is a concept that was in my head for a year, I’m happy today to have it realise in a matte painting, it has not been easy given the complexity of the image with its depth and shadows, i hope you like it.


Really good work :slight_smile:


Hey Thats Brilliant…



Hey Sim,

That is a good concept!

you need now to be careful to scaling issues, looking at the waves and the trees arround your statues and ground, your palm trees / birds on the right look way too big.
one thing important is to have a good sense of scale in your picture.

regarding contrast, you can reduce the blacks on the right to make feel more the distance and add some highlights so your mid ground pyramids don’t look too flat.

Regarding Angle/composition, you are using a king of flat perspective and it would have been great to introduce some angles (in verticals for instance) to exagerate the scale of your buildings…
Also, to intensify the light and the heigh, add more light on the top and subtle gradiant to the red/copper on your statues like the sunset would do on very high buildings.

Btw it’s great and I would love to see the next steps,



100% Agree with rapheal… Nice Points He has Mentioned… I will also look after those points in mine next time.



Hey Sim,

ok, here is my crit. Its nice for start. On the foreground is missing something. Its always good to have something, you can reach better scale and distance of the image. Also highlights on the pyramides will be good to see. From left to right. The background should be more to the blue colour, because if you have a look on the horizont, is always in a little bit blue colour. With this point you can do better depth. The composition is too straight. Maybe the left rock you should cut and add there something like the water continue to the background and make a space for another interested part of the imiage. Also Raphael give you a good crit. you can have a look on that in the next work. I think that’s enough for begining :slight_smile:

Please take the crit. as a good point to work better and better :slight_smile:
Thanks: G :wip:


yes, this piece is really good just needs some work. The statues look new as if we went back into time in egypt. The only problem is the Pyramids look old like decayed. If i was you id make the pryamids look new like the statues or break up the statues and make them look old. Thats what i think. but overall its good work.



Thank you guys for all your crits, this will allow me to advance and develop more my work and also to improve my vision of things, you know i come to begin in the matte painting.

Which i miss most and i will try to work in this direction, is the painting, i hope that i would have sufficient time to start in this area too.

Thank you again and excuse my English :).


Hi Slim !

I like your image… Although I agree with Raph about the scaling and color issues, I think the flat perspective kind of reminds me of egyptian art and murals so it can work in that fashion. I feel the image needs something in the FG… the lake area creates some kind of void that unbalances the image a little… Maybe a couple more rocks, or something to frame it to the right side to help draw the eye in the image and emphasize the depth and distance would be the solution…

keep up the good work… my 2 cents !

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