Hi there,

I quickly wrote a (Python) Plugin that makes it possible to test BaseDraw Draws with immidiate Feedback.


How to use it:

The Code in the Object's A.M. will be executed in the ObjectData's Draw-Method. 
The global variables are:
raw:		represents the ObjectData instance
    op:		 represents the ObjectData's BaseObject instance
    drawpass:   represents the Drawpass
    bd:		 represents the BaseDraw instance
    bh:		 represents the BaseDrawHelper instance
You can edit the Initial Sourcecode in the file "{Plugin Directory}\Initial".
An example is given.

[Download PyDrawHelper](

Have fun with it and train your BaseDraw skills !


Note: Having this Object in the document makes Cinema 4D unstable, there may appear runtime errors when closing Cinema 4D. !
Do not use this Plugin when having important data open in Cinema 4D !
Use the plugin at your own risk.


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