Putting Mac OS X on my PC


Hi all!

I would like to know if that is possible to convert my PC to Mac ? Because I like this OS, I want to switch. Here is my hardware : Intel Pentium 4 2.8 Ghz, GeForce FX 5600 XT TD 256Mo DDR, 2x512Mo DDR, 120 Go Hard Disk, 19’ monitor.

Any tips, articles, or even info ? Thanks :bounce:


no it’s not possible

there is an emulator for this…but it’s slow and I wouldn’t recommend it - so either switch to linux or continue using windows.


Hi Nicool. I believe there are OS X emulators (try zophar’s domain-> http://www.zophar.net).
BUT I hope you’re only using this for general things…There’s bound to be a very substantial drop in performance for an OS emulator. =/


Hi mates

While I was googling, I found some post about emulating Max OS on a PC (as it is possible to have a virtual PC on Mac OS, but what’s the interest). And yeah, you understand that is not what I want since it not a really good solution.

And I found some good observations (only extracts here):

  • I know. Look a MS though. They dont sell any hardware and look at where they
    are today. Today, with OSX, they could probably get a huge market share by
    writting for PCs. But they’ve tried it in the past, by opening up to Mac
    clones, and it almost killed them. Steve has always said that the Macs are the
    “Rolls Royce” of computers, so I doubt he’ll ever drop the hardware to get
    better marketshare with the software. By controling the hardware, he’s able to
    keep the software small and stable.

  • Mac OS X sales would go through the roof. I dont have the money to buy an
    apple computer. But I do have enough to buy OSX to put on my pre-existing PC.
    They use the OS to sell the hardware. It’ll never get ported.

And I read that Mac OS is on a UNIX base, and taht could be possible to get Mac Os installed on a hardware with UNIX stuffs I do not manage at all. Kind of hack/trick sure !

If that is really impossible, why is that impossible to get my hardware to support this great OS which is MACosX ?


The problem is that since Macintosh develops all of their hardware, and only releases that hardware for their systems, the software that drives that hardware is going to be very different than what you’re using on your PC. Basically, Mac OSX is only setup to work with Macintosh-developed hardware, because there’s simply no need for it to recognize other developers’ hardware (I’m not talking about USB peripherals, graphics cards and the likes). With that in mind, unless there’re open source Mac OSX projects out there (that’s a “no”), the only way you’re going to get Mac OSX to run with non-Mac hardware is to write a shell for the software to run in which your hardware is programmed to emulate Macintosh hardware.

That’s my understanding of it anyway.



:banghead: .


Damn… So let’s say that is hopeless :frowning:



…er…or for the proper experience, and to actually use the OS in question - buy a Mac! :slight_smile:

Emulation of a windows environment on a Mac isn’t fast either - it’s functional, but not anywhere near optimal for anything processor intensive. There was talk of Apple producing a version of OSX that would run natively on a PC, but I don’t know what happened to it, so right now if you want the experience of OSX, you need the hardware from Apple! - which is not a bad move anyway, for countless reasons, but you can read all about them all over the web - even a few good threads here on CGTalk! :slight_smile:


Ok, here’s the lowdown:

You CANNOT and will not, ever, be able to run Mac OSX properly on a IBM PC. For starters they use different TYPES of processing units, let alone actual differences.
You can emulate the cpu, as people have pointed out; but it’s so ****ing slow it’s unstably unnusable.

Now, the core of Mac OSX, as people have noted, is based on *BSD; and this is the good bit, you CAN run the core on an x86, the core is codenamed Darwin, and the port is darwin-x86 or gnu-darwin, which is striving to port the macosx bsd core to x86. The bit that most people like about Mac OSX is the interface, either jaguar/panther or tiger, and the windowing system; these will probably never ever ever be released by apple as they are fairly snazzy. If you want perty interfaces look into using an alternative shell for xp or wait for Longhorn.
Hope that clears things up a bit.


No, I don’t want the interface especilay… If I get a Mac computer, I would try to slowdown interface resources (like I’ve chosen the old style interface for winXP). Don’t want a image based (and other features taht make the ui nicer) interface. I just want to focus on performance, that is a workstation !

Looking at my configuration and how much it cost me… don’t think I could get it in any Mac. Is taht true. I’ve the impression you’ve better hardware on PC thant on Mac.

crashd : I’ve not well understood your explainations… So if I installed BSD, I could get Mac OSX intalled on my PC ?


just use win xp pro, tweak the hell out of it, get some good cooling for your hardware, and u should be fine.


Heh, essentially no, you’ll never ever be able to install Mac OSX on a PC. The core kernel/operating system is based on BSD, which will give you the stability you desire.
XP can be hardened for performance as well, just most people don’t care enough :frowning:
I’m running xp on a 1.4ghz t-bird with 1gb of ram and a fx5200 and Maya runs like a dream, along with photoshop and any other apps I need; so maybe you should look into configuring the operating system you already have?


Sure, I’ve tweaked XP a lot! (for basic tweakings, check http://www.tweakxp.com). But, and you know why, I do really prefer Mac OS. Plus, my Windows has been attacked, and it’s slowed down since. Their are too much things in Windows I do not like (even though their are a lot of things taht rocks).


:banghead: This thread makes my head hurt.


Kinda ironic, isn’t it? Current PowerPC CPU’s being IBM made…


I know it’s been said, and I know it sounds obvious, but get a G5.

I have a dual 2ghz G5 and its faster than most of the 2.5-3ghz Xeons and P4’s I used at school. (this summer I taught a class there). At 3ghz and beyond, it starts to trail off, but only at a tiny rate. I bet the dual 2.5ghz G5’s they just released are even better.

The videocards are getting better and better, and I suspect Siggy this year will have some true workstation cards available. Im using the Radeon 9600XT, and its great.

I know Macs are a bit more expensive, but they are quality. Go to an Apple store and check em out.


My advice too would be to buy a Mac…

I switched from PC to Mac 3 months ago… OS Panther is such a cool OS…

and Maya on OS X is a dream !!! I will never return to PC again…



Ok, yeah, it would be smarter… But here is my current config and how much it costed me

>> - Intel Pentium 4 2.8 Ghz DUAL, GeForce FX 5600 XT TD 256Mo DDR, 2x512Mo DDR, 120 Go Hard Disk, and other stuffs like CRR-CDRW … All in a beautiful box ( http://ndhaussy.free.fr/temp/tempIMAGES/pcTop.jpg ) : 940 €
- 19’ monitor : 150 € (rare offer)

= let’s say with keyboard and mouse 1100 €
Assuming 1 € = 1.2055 $, my computer costs 1326$ US

>> Dual 2.5GHZ Apple Mac G5, 1x512Mo DDR, no ethernet card, alower graphic card
= 2999 $ US ( so 2488€) for the computer(+ that great OS) only !!

Less for more :argh:


I’m glad Mac’s are that expensive, so not every dork is able to posess one. :buttrock:

There’s no public available x86 port of OS X in sight. But there were rumors that apple has a working port of it.

Buy a Mac.