Put text in the viewport corner


Hey there!

I’m trying to put text in a corner of a viewport in the viewer axis, on top of everything.
I have the orientation but I don’t know how to get the position and the drawOnTop thing working.

Here’s what I have:
hGrid = text size:20 text:“Text!”
hGrid.rotation = (getViewTM()).rotation


use registerRedrawViewsCallback


All I got is:
– Error occurred in anonymous codeblock; filename: ; position: 4; line: 2
– Runtime error: registerRedrawViewsCallback() expected function, got: undefined
– MAXScript callstack:
– thread data: threadID:12376

– [stack level: 0]
– In anonymous codeblock; filename: ; position: 76; line: 4
– Locals:
– Externals:
– GW_displayText: Global:GW_displayText : undefined
– viewport_switch_trigger: Global:viewport_switch_trigger : undefined

– [stack level: 1]
– called from top-level

Note: I’m trying to put the text in the corner and on top of everything in order to put text on viewport preview. Do you think it’s the way?


Open new maxscript and paste the code from the topic that @Serejah showed you. Then hit Evaluate All and it will work.