Put off by gratuitous polygcount use displayed at Summit?


Maybe I’m just getting older and cranky, but was anybody else slightly put off by the way it was like almost every ZBrush Summit demo seemed to lean toward “Hey just start with a gazillion polys, there’s no way you can go wrong.”

I kind of felt like Kris Costa was starting to air out some grievances that could have gone that way, but cut it short and it was probably best he did and stayed on the productive stuff, so it didn’t seem like he was lecturing people.


I see your point, but it really didn’t bother me that much. Where I work we’ve actually been outsourcing the retopo to companies that do pretty much nothing but retopo, so it’s not as much of an issue as it used to be. We can go pretty high-poly on the initial sculpt and still get a good bake and a solid low-poly mesh.

It probably is more of an “old timer” thing. I started in this business back when 3DS Max was still on DOS, so I came up through the years of strict polycounts that were non-negotiable. Occasionally, I’ll see one of our younger artists doing something and just cringe, but it’s mainly because old habits die hard. lol


I don’t think it was off putting in demo’s as its the majority of pipelines for studios here in LA to include retopo at a later point either in house or outsourced. I do think though looking through portfolios that don’t show any examples of retopo or good topology was detrimental to finding hirable artists. Several of us were there with great staff positions to give away and im pretty sure all of us left empty handed


@Travis -

Just curious - were you looking for a more senior position, or more entry level? Where I am (and where some of my friends work), we still expect seniors and leads to be able to produce good topology, but we’ve kind of given up on it for entry level folks and just want good artistic skills and evidence that they’re not producing a 10 million poly model when a 5 million poly model would have given the same results.


I need both from the 60 range to 120ish. It’s more about in general knowing a full pipeline and toolset too many hires that end up being handicap from only knowing zbrush . Not just as a pipeline tool but knowing when to use each to their strengths. It’s beijg taught in schools but in todays market of online classes gumroad and events the boring stuff seems like a lower priority. To students. I know this myself from offering intro to maya classes that cancel from not filling at half off. Not even tryijg to complaim but at least show one piece or some basics


Polygon quantity isn’t so big a deal today thats true.

But yeah - people need to know how to get their modeling assets ready for hand-off (to rigging and surfacing) as a priority. If you are forcing a ‘gateway job’ to exist -just for for somebody to -cleanup the topology to a ‘usable state’ before any modeling asset can be approved -then thats an incomplete job skill methinks…Junior modelers need to know how to do that.


Also, somewhat off-top, but is ther going to be any art added to the front page?


That’s interesting. I have been finding the same thing as well. Was curious to see if your experience was matching mine.


Just going to leave this here:


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