Pushing and Lipsyncing Tests for Critique


Hi Everybody…!

Just finished my first Pushing and LipSync Animations.

Well, I am not from any Institute. So please tell me where I am wrong.

Pushing Test - WMV - 5MB

Lip Syncing Animation - WMV - 1.6MB

I am working for my Demoreel. So, feel free to advice me…!
I hope you like this…:slight_smile:


well i havent looked at the lipsync cause no speakers at school but the push one seems weightless…

  1. when hes walking towards the box i dunno if its the angle or not but his torso doesnt seem to be moving forward looks like his torsos moving opposite to his feets

  2. when he pushes i like the arm shake but u should probably arc the back more it looks more like hes casually leaning on it then really pushing it… maybe even arc the head back more

  3. the box fall timing seems off, maybe make it teeter back and forth a little before it falls? i dunno but it doesnt look right right now


Thanks Noobie!

I will try to correct them, but I want a Reply about my LipSync Animation.
I want to know what can be Better.



I like the lip sync but I think it needs to be snappier. The movement is all a little too smooth and seems floaty at parts.

With the box push I agree with Noobie that it looks weightless, in large part because of the pose when he’s pushing. That pose needs to be pushed more to make it look like he’s actually struggling to get the box up.

Another thing that makes it look weightless is when his feet change positions. They are too slow and floaty and comfortable looking. If you imagine how your feet would move while you’re holding a heavy weight, they would change positions faster.


Thanks Guys!

Just made one more acting scene.

Facial Acting - 3.3MB - WMV

Thank you!


i think what nathan said above applies here as well both of ur lip sync ones are as he says “too smooth”… speed up some parts…everything seems to be moving slow and at a similar pace


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