Purple Rayne, Erasmus Brosdau (3D)


Title: Purple Rayne
Name: Erasmus Brosdau
Country: Germany
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

A new CG pin up image just for fun:) Colaboration with the fabulous weapon modeler Yaron Levi, whom I met during the Crysis 3 production - thanks for the rifle bro;)

Everything modeled in 3Ds max and additional sculpting work in Mudbox. Materials and rendering in Vray, only hair is rendered with Hairfarm using scanline. The weapon model was provided by my friend and weapon modeler Yaron Levi, but I did the texturing and shading.


The boobs are a little too much for me, otherwise, fantastic job. :thumbsup:


WOW! Excellent realization! Its quite realistic and detailed!
I love hairs!


Nice, a few little niggles. Yes the breasts are way too much but more important to mee is the colour of the magpul accessories, the angled foregrip (AFG), PEQ Box, CTR Stock, grip and trigger guard are too light in colour, they need to be a dirtier earthy colour and I don’t just mean to look used I mean in real life the colour is a darker earthy colour they simply don’t come in a colour as light as that. They also need to have more texture to them, all magpul addons have a rough large grain sandpaper look to them to assist with grip. One last thing is going to be the pistol grip, you have all the magpul addons but for some reason you have used a G27 pistol grip instead of an MOE or MIAD pistol grip I suppose I could ask why you haven’t Magpul rail panels as well but that’s just being picky.


Somebody know their guns well. I have no experience in the above gun, to be honest, but its pays to be accurate if possible.

Anyway, if I am picky, I will say she need to put her finger off the trigger (its drilled into us during ,military training, which I had the duty to serve) that you will not pointed your rifle at anything you do not want to shoot, loaded or otherwise, same with trigger finger, finger on trigger only when you are about to shoot).

But if she is suppose to be a pin up, not an actual military personal, then I guess its ok.


I think this is excellent work. Very realistic, first class texturing. Nice use of lighting too.


Had the exact same thought


Thanks for the comments guys:)
Haha yeah guess we have a weapon expert here - I totally have no idea what you were talking about, but because this image is more or a less a “fun” image I did not spend endless time on making everything perfect. I know however lots of images where weapons look totally clean on those plastic parts, so I agree with you it could be more realistic to add more dirt and stuff, but on the other hand I take this as artistic freedom to leave it as it is as it is really just nitpicking as you said;)
About the boobs - sure that’s just a matter of taste, some like em small, some like em big;)


Awesome!!! Crazy work in the tattoo. Congratulations. :beer:


Amazing work, very nicely done! Great model and great pose. Really awesome too to have a gun expert chime in. Also the sense of weight is perfect. But alas… her boobs are too big. :slight_smile: Although it is a preference it just sorta sends out a wrong message. I like breasts just as much as the next guy. I just think there are other ways to sexualize someone without resorting to the tried and true method or making things too big, too small and too long.


Amazing image, Erasmus! Very charming lady you’ve made here. Hope you don’t mind some questions:

Would you mind telling us about how you did your texturing? I’m especially interested in how you painted her skin and that awesome arm tattoo.

Also, would you mind telling us a little about your skin shading setup in Vray? I assume you are using SSS2, but I’d be grateful to know how you are using your maps and if you have any advice for us.

Finally, can you tell us a little about how you made her stockings? Did you have to do anything special with the anti-aliasing in order to avoid moire patterns?

The only constructive criticism I can provide you for this great image is that I feel that the high amount of soft/glossy reflection seen on the ammo pouch on her leg makes it feel less believable than all the other objects, which have a great sense of realism. It is possible that it is just over lit, whereas the rest of the image is lit wonderfully.

Thank you very much for your time and for sharing this superb render with us. Best of luck with The Lord Inquisitor - hope to see more from that soon. Cheers!


waw great work at all love the render …peace


I’ve owned pretty much every MAGPUL addon there is or ever has been and I’ve several variations of the RIS you have on that AR. I am a bit of a purist when it comes to firearms stuff, just one of those things that niggles, doesn’t detract from your work though, an excellent all round piece.


Holy mother of … Ehm great work :thumbsup:


Thanks again guys,

Yes I used Vray SSS2. I used it in a vray Blendmaterial as a base. In the first additional slot I put a normal Vray material with a higher specular and a strong fresnel fallof. Other than that I used a little bit, like 40% from the original Diffuse texture in the scatter color in the SSS material. So I only used a Diff,Spec and Gloss map for everything. The scattering amount was set to a bright reddish color and the radius to something like 0.6. (Real scale)
Her stockings are a normal vray material with an alpha map for the lace trim. The fish net pattern I did with a normal max’s procedural texture called “tiles”. Used those as the opcaity map for it :slight_smile:

The tattoo was completely hand painted after rendering in photoshop using a normal hard brush. I could have done this as a texture as well, but this way I had more freedom to change all colors, patters, etc. So there is no special texturing trick, I basically paint it on her arm like I would tattoo that it in real life - if I would be a tattoo artist:)

Thanks, well the boobs are strongly inspired by Denise Milani, when you look for images from her you can see in specific poses that those are quite similar. Especially in this pose breasts tend to hang a little bit haha - so basically I would call that realisitc:)


Thanks for the reply, Erasmus! Great results!

EDIT: Also, the thumbnail preview for this thread is hilarious!


Great work, even though the breast are a bit on the large side.
Posted it on the blog.


Great Stuff man ! :thumbsup:
Thanks for sharing your knowledge in how you did it.


I saw boobs in thumbnail preview and clicked :blush: :cool:

Cool Pic! Nice inbetween Comic and realistic. Only, personaly I donlt like women and wapons…

But! great pose, great style, great tatoo, great boobs :thumbsup:


Great work! The tattoo is very cool