PUPPETSHOP, Free rigging/animation tool for MAX 6 & 7


Visit the official page at http://www.puppetshop.com. It is a great FREE rigging and animation tool written by Kees Rijnen. The new standar for max ?


Ya this is a great tool that he has written and for free, well what can you say. Kees one of the best so you know you cant go wrong.


thanks guys.

Hope you will enjoy it and feedback is always appreciated.



wow, did u really write this on your own? its amazing, i had a little play with it and i love it, but i’m gona stick to building rigs myself, but i definetly recommend this to people who have no interest in building there own rigs.

wow, u are a max god




Dark Soldier,

there will always be times where rigging things yourself will be more appropriate.
I do wanted to let ou know though that you can still rig on top of puppetshop, so maybe for some projects you can still use puppetshop (i.e. when time is tight or there are alot of similar rigs to be made)

glad you like it though and if you have some feedback, feel free to send it my way.



wow, it looks amazing!
i´ll definitivly give it a try

cheers kees


I’ve also uploaded the install to highend3d.com, for people who can’t reach puppetshop.com right now. I think it’s dying because of all the traffic.




hoi kees!

could only find bioskin at that site, not the same as puppetshop is it?


puppetshop has been down for quite some time, maintenance it says, can’t locate puppetshop on highend3d either :sad:


Hey freakydude!

If I had to guess I would say that the website got over extended due to bandwidth usage. Maybe the same happened with highend 3D cause when I got there puppetshop had dissapeared. Also there was a special forum setup somewhere by an education body, that turned up zilch also.

I guess we will have to hold our breath.
Heard nothing but good about kees’s creation so it will be worth the wait.



Ow well, From all the great praise towards Kees, I think this tool is great, so I don’t mind waiting for it. Though I hope the bandwith issue will be solved within some time of course. Ow well, instead of rerigging a number of my old characters, I can allready create some new ones…




Here`s a link to the file:


I must say it looks very good, I sat down and played around with it for an hour or so yesterday.

I couldnt figure out how to enable the controlls for the arms thou. Anyone know?

And thank U Kees. I will for sure give u my opinion once I get the time to really try it out : )


Yippie at last!

Atle thanx man.
I installed it straight into max and see the plugin installed ok but can’t seem to access it. Doesn’t show in any list in customise ui.

Is there any known documentation on use, searched also the max folder and couldnt find a read me.



I must say it looks very good, I sat down and played around with it for an hour or so yesterday.

I couldnt figure out how to enable the controlls for the arms thou. Anyone know?


Select the calvicle and then pick "default’ in the rig rollout instead of FK


It should show up in the create panel in the drop down list at the top, just choose puppetshop.


Thanx penn!

Was right were you said.

First thing I noticed was the insert GOD button.
Priceless,… don’t you just love 3d?

Thanx again


Yay! Thank you very much.

And Pen for giving some instructions about how to use it. Will play around with it later this week.


Hi again :slight_smile:

I stumbled on another problem, the fingers. Is there built in fingersliders? Kind of strange if there isnt, since everything else seems so carefully planned and included.

Anyone who knows?


Googled like a maniac and searched here and found this:

CG Academy to support PuppetShop
I’m sure many of you are aware of PuppetShop, the new FREE character rigging and animation system by Kees Rijnen. This system has been built by Kees from the foundation of Max’s core animation systems, but expands upon these with a fast and easy to use character rig building system that supports IK/FK blending, Mo-Cap data loading and use and a non-linear animation system plus many more features.

At CG Academy we’ve been very interested in Kees’ work and we’d like to give him and PuppetShop the help that it deserves. To that end we are now hosting a PuppetShop specific topic on the CG Academy Forum with Kees as moderator and we’d like to invite any new and existing users of PuppetShop to use it for airing their issues, bug items or indeed wishes for future versions.

I hope everyone can help to make PuppetShop a success and will give Kees the support and feedback he needs to push PuppetShop’s development forward.
A search on that website revealed nothing much tho. All over the web there are accolades to puppetshop and that’s where it stops.

I managed to get what looks like a vertibrea into max6 and it bent around beautifully in all the right directions very smoothly. As I am new to poly rigging this is a very interesting developement but like I said scouring the web for info has turned up nothing. That could be because I am looking in the wrong places. I noticed through other websites that there was a tutorial available (also a video) so somewhere the info must exist. I wouldn’t expect anyone to host this info without kees’s permission and also due to bandwidth usage. However if anyone has any ideas about the basics I would be very appreciative.

This systems looks womderfull.

Greetings Kanga


Well, here ya go… first tutorial which I had downloaded and saved just before puppetshop was pulled. ‘building a puppet’. Sorry if it’s not kosher to post this. Just let me know, and I’ll take it off. I can only leave it up for a little while, though. Cheers.