Pupils for non-spherical eyes...


I’m having some trouble figuring out how to move a pupil across the surface of these eyes…

Is there a way to ‘project’ one layer overtop of another, so that the pupil could be moved around and still conform to the shape of the eye beneath? That’s my guess as how to go about it anyway… if there is another method please share.


I have a caracter like your, and I think to use texture for pupils with nulls as reference targeting for another null

soon I will try

cheers and excuse my english


Have a look at my tutorial here:

There are a few reasons not to use textures with reference nulls for pupils, distortion as it gets to the edge of the eye, troubles with scaling characters, inability to accurately pin the eyes to look in an exact place, and more…


That’s a great job, I can’t wait to see when it’s done. Spring into action! :beer:


Woops, I didn’t expect to find any tutorials on this. Thanks kretin, that’s what I was needing.

Another Wigu reader! :slight_smile: The animation should be finished in a month or so.


Were you just looking for squashed eyeballs with geomerty as the pupil?


Kretin’s way is an excellent way… I posted another way of doing it in this thread


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