Painted in Adobe Photoshop using a Wacom Bamboo tablet.
Observing and depicting nature with great detail is a notable aspect of the surreal world of Jacek Yerka. In this world mankind lives together in peace with nature. Frightening proportions and odd creatures are common, yet we still long to this calm place close to nature. This is what Jacek Yerka’s world means to me; I made this picture in harmony with his world, and following his style.


Some extracted details:


this makes me want to eat pastries for some reason. I have to ask you though, what is the deal with clocks? I have seen clocks EVERYWHERE in this competition. is it because of Dali’s painting? I wonder why that is repeated so much. Anyway, your colors and shading style here really make me feel like I’m in a fable of some sort. Like Mickey and the beanstalk. It also reminds me of all that giant food that was on the table. Damn my mouth is watering now, I have to clean up all this drool from my keyboard.


Thanks for your replies.
I used clocks, because they play an important role in Yerka’s paintings.


This is simply wonderful - well done!


youv’e definetly captured the style well done


Another one pushes mine well down the rankings, and deservedly so. Excellent work!


This is definitely Yerka’s style, the buildings, trees and creature are bang on.

I woulda liked to see a bit more going on with the pumpkin. As it’s taking up so much of the canvas and everything else is so detailed, it looks a bit plain in comparison.

However I’m fully appreciative of the amount of time and work that’s obviously gone into this and it’s a great piece!


Hey Beatrix,
You captured really very well the style and the way of thinking.
I like a lot the details and the neat painting.
Congratulations! Fingers crossing for you!


This is wonderful! I love how the pumpkin color carries through the rooftops and your ingenious use of the clock motif. The fish are a brilliant, whimsical stroke of imagination. I hope to find you on the winner’s page. Congratulations and [size=2]sok szerencsét!



Thats nice and u have captured the feel of Jacek,colors are good.tc


Wow I think this paint by Jacek Yerka. You make style exact! Detail is formidable and nice you show big you work. Truck animal is cool. Bonne chance!


I want to go and live in the pumpkin land, I love this picture. Good luck


Thanks for your replies. I’m happy you like my picture.


Very well Painted…and Like the Detail.:slight_smile:


I think this is a nice concept with a superb execution. The grotesque, surreal imagery captures the essence of Yerka’s art perfectly. I also really like the harmonizing colors.
Keep up the good work! :thumbsup:


very stunning… and I always admire your works… :love:


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