PUMA - My Design for Peugeot Concours Design, Saeed Evaz Kalhory (3D)


Title: PUMA - My Design for Peugeot Concours Design
Name: Saeed Evaz Kalhory
Country: Iran
Software: 3ds max, Brazil r/s, Photoshop

Hello :slight_smile:
This is my design for Peugeot Concours Design.

I made it based on PUMA’s face.
I make it in 10 days, 3 for sketch’s and 7 for modelling and rendring.
i was not lucky to be a winner of Concours, but it will be in Expose 5 :slight_smile:
Thanks to CGS masters to pickup my work.

((( i made interiors based on some images from internet. may you find similarity to other cars. only exteriors are my design )))

other images:


Wow, that’s a great model. And the front parts similarity to the puma is just awesome!


I want that car!!
The design is just awesome…:thumbsup:
keep rocking mate!


but it will be in Expose 5 :slight_smile:

uhm…i don’t wanna sound harsh…but I don’t believe this is good enough for expose

keep trying


give me the car



The headlights look cool but this is one big ugly looking car. :smiley:

I’m not sure it it is caused by the reflections but it appears that the mesh isn’t very smooth - it looks bumpy in some places and too low poly in other places.

Could you show a mesh?


Hello friends.
thanks for comments.

EF-studios do you realy think ballisticpublishing picked up bad thing for their book?

bazze i don’t know what you mean exactly but if you like see the mesh it’s here.
and don’t forget this a conept design, not a exact model of a car.
i was see some car design’s in first 30 winner’s which was have much less detail than mine but designs was good for Peugeot.


:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
This looks really great. The overall lines of the car look really awkward, but it is consistently done and is therefore unique. Thanks for doing something new and different - your interior looks great, but the paint shader is excellent. I especially like the render in which you open the hood and trunk - very realistic!!
Happy modelling!!!


great ! That’s a great model:thumbsup:


no I dont, that the reason I dont think this will be in the expose book.

Im gonna be harsh now…so if you cant handle it…don’t read any further :wink:

)I think the shape of the car is just plain ugly
)the wheels are even worse
)the rearlights…i mean…wtf?
)the materials are boring
)and what are those metal thingies under the rearlights?

sorry to be this hard on you…but I just think like this.
It needs much improvements



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I think you said your idea in your first post.

We all know you are not at the level of judging for expose books.plz leave it for ADVISORY BOARD MEMBERS.



I sorry but really agree on the others that has been harsch. I think your skills are good when it comes to vizualising and modeling. I really like the details but the whole concept just look horrible. But still so good that i have to comment on it. The design really makes the mind go crazy.

Please continue with your extreme ideas. You might come up with a unique idea that will please more people. Just to make it mainstream and to please everyone is not a good idea, so i like what you do.


OMG !!! :buttrock:
I want that too !!!
5 stars …


hi saeed!

i agree that u wanted to try out a new ,ur own creatve design…but u have to keep in mind whne ever u r creating anything new that the world has not seen before u have to make it believable to them!
i think y pl dont like ur design is because they dont belive it could really fuunction on the road!
try finding out more abt car engines and make rough sketches of ur model over those engine prototypes…i.e. make ur engines fit right nto ur design!

to be hones with right now ur car in a nutshell is a box with four wheels,and shine cool black paint!

u have to actually sketch on a paper or atleast think how ur steering wheel is connected to the tires how the wires connect each part of the car! ,ground clearance ( in which part of the world wld this car be most perfect ,to drive in deserts,snow countries like swiss,or is it a buisness class etc etc.
i wld suggest search on google some car engines and blueprints of them ,front ,side and back
and then try drawing over them ur design that way it will be more believable!

dont lose heart in the cg industry directors r really harsh and nothing compared to coments u have on cg talk!
keep working hard and follow ur dream!


i have to agree with that. sorry.
MaryamNademi - it’s just he’s opinion. in this work the design is main topic, so i don’t think we can say somethin’ constructive because it’s a matter of own feelings, own ‘taste’.


Please don’t be discouraged by the criticism that you have been getting. While a lot of it is valid in some respects, you have a truly unique design that I really, really like. Please continue to persue this project with a few of the crits in mind.

Don’t give up now, you’re just starting to be great!!!

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:



we have no right to say something to discourage the others.those comments which you have kindly! quoted are harsh.i dont mind criticising the work which we all have learned alot from the constructive comments.

Dont give up saeed:bounce::thumbsup:


Hello friends.
Thanks for all of your attention to my work.

First i don’t have any bad feelings about your crits because they are your opinions about this design and i wanted to hear critics thats why these forums are made for.
i don’t like by myself, some of car’s i see. just i can’t agree to some words like (( this can’t be in expose )) or similar to this, because ADVISORY BOARD MEMBERS picked up my work and i will recive my free Expose :smiley:

you said my design is boxy, it might be… but just look at this images:

Mitsubishi Concept-D:5


Land Rover LR3 Discovery

i dont think Puma is more boxy than these.

As i said its just a design.
when peugeot starts a new concour, they just need idea’s, dreams, any thing come to brain.
not a real car design, look at this design’s which was in first 30 winners:

this design’s can be real cars ?

Thanks for your crits and i will use them when i am gonna design a real car.
many thanks for your kind words, you made me to work on my dream’s harder but i won’t drop my style :wink:


Its super cool and everything but I can just hear Jeremy from top gear saying "This car has a 5 liter v10 turbo diesel engine, but looks like a teenager with bracers from the front… " :slight_smile:


It seems people either hate the shape or like it and at first I really didn’t like how boxy it was but after looking at all your pictures I think it is a very unique design and now I actually like it it is very different. I guess the taillights are a bit strange though…great job overall though:applause: