Puberty, Giza (2D)


Title: Puberty
Name: Giza
Country: Italy
Software: Photoshop

The upper sx model is Persis
Lower little figure is Aunia


Nice work!
I really like this kind of art, my friend does some of it, so I appreciate the style.
Good job and btw nice art on your site. :thumbsup:


SO special!!


Thank youfor your comment… who is your friend?


Your style of composition is very different. They way you use space and composition - is somewhat reminiscient of Japanese printscreens. It is simple but very effective.

I really like it alot!
Really like your soft use of color and the subtle reflections too. Interesting!


great work


Unique!! Very different from what I’ve always seen. But I think the plain black background is too common now. I hope you will make an effort to give everything else in your painting the same quality you gave to the girl. THAT part is really nice.


David best


Fine eccentric work,strange enviroment and fascinating scene.:slight_smile:


sweet!really cool and design.fine and unique.i love it:bounce: :thumbsup:


Your style of composition is very different;Good job and btw nice art on your site


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