Pu Yi, Alberto Blasi (3D)


Wow how interesting it is----China’s last emperor Pu Yi turned into 3d CG…and the graphic is made by an italian!!

Great job!


Sure… there’s the brow thing, but that’s far overshadowed by the convincing nature of this image.

Incredible work in making this credible.


nice nice work as usual thirdeye…definitely one of your best to date…
just exudes quality well done bud…keep it up.:thumbsup:


Incredible work, wow! Outstanding! Keep it up Alberto!


wow man, damn cool work! the eyebrows maybe need a litle more work. but … it’s one of the best works with c4d, if ever seen! :bowdown::bowdown::bowdown:


first of all, great work. second of all, have these critics ever seen an asian person before??? it’s like they are all trying to make him caucasian (“give him eyelashes! give him tearducts! don’t make his eyes so squinty!”). as an asian, i know what we asians look like, and you hit the nail on the head. are they all blind? i could see his eyelashes just fine and they are just the right length.

i love the little bump on his lip and his serious, but relaxed demeanor. bravo to you for adding some character and diversity to the ever-increasing number of bland realistic CG out there.

the only thing i would change, even from the fixed image, is those eyebrows. they look like they have been burned and are now curly and singed. i would try to make them light (as in not thick) and very, very straight.

all in all, fantastic job!


hey its from some chinese film u r foolig us.

awesome work man…

just no words…


amaaaazzziinggg render !!

good job !!
c ya !


Excellent work! :eek: It’s so good, that if I didn’t know it was a 3D model, I would think it was real! :applause:

Best regards,


great job alberto !
i call it final :)=


Incredible piece of work!!.. can’t belief cinema4d can do such quality…, definately 5 stars


great great … very nice


Again, the eyebrows look a bit odd. But, this is truly amazing - Great photorealism. Well done!


Strange - my post didn’t show up.

Again - wonderful work - the yellow hue makes it even more alive.


hey Alberto,
Its very, very good your work. Paint texture, modeling and render, congratulations.


fantastic shader !!!


real great shader…but the eyebrows look like they were only color and bump map?!


eye brows look alitte wierd to me but awsome render… i love the DOF… one of the nicer cinema renders ive seen


Very good,I like.


sadly many people are equally misinformed