Pu Yi, Alberto Blasi (3D)


Alberto, that’s insane crazy man. looking most definitely ACE.

that said, I would really urge you to add some eyelashes, I know you worked from the reference where they weren’t visible, but I’ve learned that to create a believable cg image you need to do what is expected. people expect eyelashes.

Not talking about those huge things them girls of dreams have ofcourse, just slightly thin just barely visible eyelashes that give you the idea they’re there but aren’t obvious if you knowwhat I mean.

apart from that i’d say this ROCKS.


Beautiful work Alberto!



awesome! great work! :thumbsup:


hey, awesome work, but besides the crits already mentioned, I think his right ear looks too opaque, and consequently the shadow is way too strong in the fold… hope this helps,



It’s just gorgeous. Nice piece of work on the skinshader.:slight_smile:


Great work “master” Alberto :slight_smile:

Like Sheep said, you already know what i think of this piece, but in case you forgot, it simply ROCKS :buttrock:


I think u have done a wonderful job, great render, great modeling, and great texturing except for the eyebrows (even if u blurred them in the last render).

I would modify a little the mouth… 5 stars for me!


Beautiful work. Congratulations.


This is so damb good! Great skin tone! Very nice. How was the skin done? Shaders, special plug, good ol fashion paint?
Great job


Well done,
I’ve seen the photo you inspired to, and I think you’re right for the eyebrows.
The image is absolutely ace, a deep CG ART’s example.
Congratulation, I’m looking forward to see another piece of your art!!!



Wonderfull work - the yellow hue makes it even more alive.
Congratulations to such wonderfull work.


It is a great render but there are a couple of things that throw me off. The eyebrows look weird but the top of the head, like the forehead and up bulge out. It is slight but i think once you notice it, its hard not to notice it if you know what I mean. Most people’s heads do not bulge out like that at the forehead.

Great image however, very nice texturing and rendering. :thumbsup:


Well, I already told you, but it certainly deserves the front-page billing. :thumbsup:


yeah most people’s heads don’t, asian kid’s unfortunately do :wink:


Front page material, no doubt about that… lots of stars from me :smiley: (inspite of the eyebrows that are quite disturbing)
Absolutely Super Stuff


I can’t believe it isn’t a photo but a 3D work. Looks incredibly real. Great work! :thumbsup:

By the way, that movie is great, one of my favorites. :love:


Great work!! Well done.


yeah!great! “ai xin jue luo pu yi”


Very nice work ThirdEye… you’ve really improved your skills lately.
If really… I’d have to say something, I’d add/work a bit on SSS as I find parts of the face just a bit too opaque… I’d also add a bit more of wetness in eyes.

Keep on,

The ripper.


really nice. i love the style you’ve achieved here. the eyes and look on the face are wonderful. exceptional stuff =)