Pu Yi, Alberto Blasi (3D)


Excellent. Modeling a kid’s face is definitely a challenge. A little off and he would look like a midget or an alien. Not that i’m saying midgets look like aliens…

I bow before you… and request a wireframe shot :slight_smile:


OMG!!! it’s very realistic !! nice work Thirdeye !!
sei l’orgoglio Italiano con C4D!!! :scream:


Fantastic job, great modeling, texturing, rendering… Forget about eyebrows, you know what they say: if its perfect, it looks CG. If its not, its for real.

One question: why did you need such a high texture resolution?


love the overall quality, the colors are warm and beautiful :slight_smile:
I have to agree about the eyebrows :wink:


EN: good work!!!

IT: sti ca…i!!!

:applause: :applause:


GREAT! GREAT! GREAT! GREAT!.. wire please…


Wow, great render !!! impressive, nothing more to say !!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Very good job ! I like it… :bounce: ***** five stars for me !


Very nice! dodgy eye brows but cool!!


as always great work mate!
he has really strong look.


wow so many replies, thanks a lot to everyone! But let me reply to everyone:

Leigh, Jarrede, Wedge: thx a lot, agreed about the eyebrows, i sharpened them so much they’re actually too sharp now, i’ll blur them back a bit

BillSpradlin: actually you’re right, very good points

PhilOsirus: they’d both be good points for a standard european character, but asian kids are like that, some part of the eyes (the inner corner) are hidden but some skin that overlaps and the eyelashes are almost unnoticeable, look at this photo reference

neofg: thanks man, i currently live in Rome

kholio and all the others who requested a wireframe: here it comes

lemiere: actually the spot on the lips was intentional, it’s a characteristic of the real kid who played in the movie that inspired me hehe. About the SSS… I used two plugins for that. The first one is Vreel’s Translucent to get a good translucency fake, the second one is Happy Ship’s Chanlum, which is perfect to get the peach fuzz effect when combined with a fresnel shader. I hope this helps.

Byla: i usually use big textures because they’re the only one that look good even for closeups, when i start doing something i don’t really know what the final camera/point of view will be like

Thanks a lot to all the others too :slight_smile:


excellent job!
Very emotional image and cool work especially on that lightning and texturing
Looking forward to seeing more art from you :wink:


Hi ThirdEye,
remember me?
Anyway, I´ll join the choir: Beautiful!!



It could be just my impression but MAYBE the cgtalk system compressed the pic down… Anyway for the ones who’re interested here’s one with the eyebrows corrected and in a higher size, maybe it looks better


Nice work 3rd…I would like to see a little less DOF though personally…that’s just a small gripe…but overall I would give you a 4…nicely done man.:):buttrock:


impressionante… really stunning congrats ! :thumbsup:


Great work Alberto :slight_smile:

(same comment as the others about the eyebrows :blush: )


Truly astonishing! Superb work! Although I think you should still adjust the eyebrows a littlebit. It looks as if they were added with Photoshop or something… I like 3D :smiley: :smiley: But further: Really amazing:)


Awesome work man…just awesome…:love:


VERY NICE! There’s nothing I could crit! and a :bowdown:


Wow! The child looks awesome man! The spec on the eyebrows might need to me turned down abit…but other than that it’s perfect. Increadible!



Human Male for Demo

Set for Demo