Pu Yi, Alberto Blasi (3D)


yes, that’s just awesome if you ask me ! great image :slight_smile:


the only that i dont like are the (fur over the eyes) i dont know the name in english; appears to me little strange. but fantastic dof and shaders to the skin.


Wow nice 5 stars fo sho. So this is modelled I want wireframe proof :slight_smile: j/k heh Very nice definately deserved FP!


I usually don’t give comment on work…because there are so many cool stuff on this forum, I would spend my time doing it…but this one really really stand out, I got very touch by the character, such a mood !!
the render is great for sure, but something about the picture that carry me on…absolutly amazing !!

10 star for me.



Great work! Amazing rendering!
Bel lavoro! Qualcosa non mi convince nelle sopracciglia…ma davvero notevole! 8!(che per me vale 4 stelle!)


i agree with the eyebrow comment… but damn thats a great image

top shelf:thumbsup:


Excellent work my friend…excellent …:smiley:



excellent work alberto, he’s got soul


Superb work!!! :slight_smile:

And an excellent plug for Cinema 4D’s abilities - in the right hands - certainly not mine… ;0)


great job Thirdeye! Im happy at last to see your finished work, not just WIP.:wink:
(i agree with the eyebrow comment)


excellent work :slight_smile: no words!!



Excellent work!


cool nice work!!
www.929cg.com :applause:


Wonderful pic, man…

I love the life inside that glance, the lighting and the shaders. About the eyebrows… it seems as if the hairs were sanded down. Do you know what I mean? :wink:

Happy to see your work on this board again.


:applause: BRAVO! :applause: Astonishing work, man! :thumbsup:



oh my god!! five stars for me!

bravo Alberto :bounce:


Very good work congratulation :buttrock::applause:


Aisin Gioro Pu Yi really stands out on the CGTalk homepage. As a moving character it could work very well. Those details like the spot on the lips and fury eyebrows wouldn’t be so noticable moving. Perhaps the missing detail that struck me the most was the lack of eyelashes. These could be done with a simple plane with eyelashes mapped on and cut-out with an alpha map.

The skin is perfect and would be keen to learn more about the use of SSS.


Oh my… Before I read everything posted above, I really thought this image was a photo of a movie make up or something. Truly awesome!!! :thumbsup:


BRAVO! …this is a beautiful piece of art … the modeling and the texturing are really well done …and his expression is so deep …it makes the scene so real …
that’s made my day!

:applause: :applause::applause: