Pu Yi, Alberto Blasi (3D)


Title: Pu Yi
Name: Alberto Blasi
Country: Italy
Software: BodyPaint, CINEMA 4D

I got inspired by a photo made by the National Geographic photographer Steve McCurry in Rangoon, Burma (1994) and by the main character of a movie, Bernardo Bertolucci’s Last Emperor, which is about the last chinese emperor Aisin Gioro Pu Yi, so i decided to give my character the same name. Of course this doesn’t want to be a copy of anything real at all, that’s all i look for when i make 3D characters: creating life through the digital medium.
The modeling has been made in CINEMA 4D R9, same about the rendering. All the textures (except the background photo that comes from a frame of the Last Emperor dvd) are 100% hand painted with BODYPAINT 3D R2, 3k square resolution, the fur is Shave&Haircut. I also used the Translucent plugin and the Chanlum plugin in the luminance channel, the first for a good SSS look and the second combined with a fresnel shader for a tad peach fuzz on the edges. I also added some colour correction in post and then 3 different blurred passes of film grain, to achieve the same look of the movie.
What i was after is a serious strong look, in strong contrast with the tender age of the kid. I hope you like it.
Alberto “ThirdEye” Blasi.


That is an awesome render! :thumbsup: The eyebrows look a little strange, but other than that, I think it’s fantastic.


I agree, something with the eyebrows throws me off…looks fantastic though.


Great work Alberto. As mentioned the eyebrows look off a bit, the lips are looking a tad strange, mainly the spec and corner of the mouth. The scalera (white part) of the eyes looks to be a tad bit too dark. I konw eyes are one of the toughest parts of a character, and you did a really nice job with them, they just look a little flat, and the scalera is off just a bit. There is also some wierd dirt or something on his upper lip that’s a bit distracting. Excellent piece overall though. Well done.


excellent and photoreal except for the eyebrows, as said above.


5 stars …awesome work


you already know what i think :slight_smile:

great job man.


Very nice rending!!!


I really like it, but it’s realism causes some (missing?) aspects to stand out. There seems to be no actual tear ducts, altho it might be caused by contrast, and more noticeable is the lack of (or the barely noticeable) eye lashes. That’s what I notice anyway.

Good job anyway!


Great job. :thumbsup:


Great work, :slight_smile:

¡¡ awesome render, Shaped and shaders !!:bounce:


youve improved a ton since your last piece. nuff said


Bravissimo! Modellazione, composizione, tutto è allo stato dell’arte.
Grande lavoro.

You are the best! Modelling, composition, all is at the top.


no crits ,what to say…5 stars i think…so congrats:applause:


Great Job!. I agree about the eyebrows, but man…i love the subtle veins in his forehead. Great work!


hen piaoliang.


wow man! IT’s amazing! It’s a very good work! And the face design very nice.
Good art man!

PS. fantastico lavoro da quale parte dell’Italia?


good work

plz wir and tektuur

soory im not goog eng lish

but work goodddddddddddddddd



Really great work Alberto !!! Well done bro !! :wink:


Great job as usual! Bravo! :thumbsup:

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