Psygnosis, aka Studio Liverpool shut down


Sony announced today that Studio Liverpool would be shut down as part of their restructuring efforts. It was today, the companies facebook page had the announcement.


Oh man - I’d never made the connection that they used to be Psygnosis. They were responsible for a huge chunk of my childhood. :frowning:


Yep, Colony Wars, g-police, the totally bonkers game sentient and my all time favourite game series Wipeout.
I remember thinking Colony Wars was so cool because it had a ton of different endings, not from some wishy washy moral choice system or some nonsense, but how good at the game you were, you got better endings. If you sucked at it, the game was over and after something like 8 missions and you got a cinematic of the alliance blowing up your home world. Man i need to find my colony wars disc.


Oh man - I’d never made the connection that they used to be Psygnosis. They were responsible for a huge chunk of my childhood. :frowning:

I agree, but it always sounds odd to me when games like Wipeout and Colony Ward are mentioned. The name Psygnosis goes back much further than that. And for those games that were made and published under the name I’ll remember the company fondly.


A truly TRULY sad day.

Shadow of the Beast 2 on my pals Amiga is one of my best gaming memories from being a kid!

Best of luck to all those affected.


Yep, I will always think of popping hundreds of tiny Lemmings, and wasting days trying to complete Shadow of the Beast 2 - a game that was amazingly impossible even with the ‘ten pints’ cheat.


My thoughts exactly. They were putting out great titles during the Golden age of gaming for Commodore 64 and Amiga, long before PlayStation.


Wow! That really sucks. With so many closures and sales, it almost makes you afraid for yourself. I’m usually one to crack jokes at the wrong time, but there’s really nothing funny bout this.


hopefully they sell the wipeout franchise to someone else


I mentioned Wipeout and Colony Wars because that is when i started to get in to knowing about games beyond this game is fun.
It was an internal studio, hopefully Sony will find a way to continue the Wipeout name :confused:


That sucks, I loved Psygnosis games all the way back to Shadow of the Beast on the Amiga, all those lovingly rendered opening cinematics… Oh and seriously, rebranding fail or what?


made me a lil misty eyed…

Psygnosis Promo video from 1996


Really sad for them. Who wasn’t a lemming at least once? I totally remember playing Barbarian on C64 to death! Well, a sad good bye…


God, this is depressing news. Psygnosis was my first proper job in CG back in 92. I thought that team would go on forever…


This is such shitty news. Even though a lot of studios have closed in the last year, it’s particularly shocking when it’s a studio like Psygnosis, who have been around for, well, forever.



I don’t think it was really Psygnosis anymore. I didn’t work at the Liverpool studio but the London (Camden) studio had become very Sony by 2002.


I used to kill so many joystick on Amiga with their games :slight_smile: IMO Shadow Of the Beast series is one of the best games ever made. Actually been listening the soundtrack today at work…


There were a handful of people left in the Liverpool studio (properly speaking Runcorn) that went all the way back to the days of Imagine.


Thats really sad news, i enjoyed working there (rather a long time ago now). I suppose the way it lost its ‘Psygnosis’ name a long time ago means it wasn’t really the same company more …but…


Here’s an article that’s just appeared on the BBC website about the closure.