Psycho Limp Walk


Hi Folks,

Here’s a limp-cycle I’m working on:

Feedback is definitely welcome. I’m a little iffy on the arm movement, so that may change.

Thanks for viewing.


Well, because I didn’t get feedback from the first limp-cycle, I have to assume it sucked. Here’s a new one:

Again, comments and critiques are welcome. Thanks.


I think a walk like this is very hard to get right, but I think you’re doing a great job. From a technical standpoint, I feel like his whole body weight should shift back onto his bum leg more when he takes a step with his good foot. If not that, maybe there should be a little more hop in his step with his good leg to account for the body weight not being carried by the bum leg. But like I said, thats a technicality. Technically, the center of mass should always be balanced over the planted foot, but sometimes being too technical can suck any style or swagger right out of walk cycle.

I liked both versions, but the shadows are so faint on the floor that its a little difficult seeing when exactly his feet are leaving the floor on each step.


Thanks a lot zzacmann for the critique. What you said made a lot of sense. This next version has the character really twisting his bum leg over, while keeping more of his weight on the good leg. I also enhanced the up and down extremes of his movement, which hopefully looks a little better. I also raytraced the cycle so it’s easier to see the feet leaving the ground.

Thanks again.


One thing about the latest (third) walk is his left arm (the one that’s swinging so much). It seems to slow down at the low point of his swing and then speed up and hit the high point at the same time as his body. Wouldn’t it make more sense for the arm to be fast when it’s at the low point? If he’s using his arm for his momentum, then that would be the point where it would be fastest as he gathers momentum to swing his body up so he can take a step. And then his arm would preceed his body, hitting the high point of the swing before his body does.

Actually, that’s the only thing that struck me looking at it. It’s a pretty gnarly limp-cycle. I like it.



Yeah, looks like a hard animation. I agree about using his arm for momentum. I think he meant to say left arm though. Also you can put some drag on the forarm as its swinging upwards. You could even try breaking the joint there if you wanted. It will add more weight to the walk. Also, I feel like the hips are snapping a bit too much. Also, I might try speeding up his left leg a frame or two and delaying his dragging leg a frame or two. Its looking good though. Keep it up. Cheers.


LGM, you’re absolutely right about the arm. Thanks for the heads up.

EarBrawley, thanks for the comments. I tried to fix the hip snap, step distance, and the arm swing in this next version. Hopefully it looks better.

I really appreciate the crits fellas, they were very helpful. Cheers to both of you.

Here’s the next version:


Hey, its looking better. The action on the arm looks better, but something about the timing feels weird. Its hard to tell though. Maybe its swinging too soon. I would just play with the timing of the arm and the twist of the torso. Also, his waist seems to be moving in a kind of triangle shape. It might work better if it were moving in more of an oval shape. More of a swinging fell I guess instead of linear. If that makes any sense. Hope that helps a little.


I’m knew to the forum but have been studying animaiton in college for four years now and I have to say that what your doing is some good work. Really good actually. I had ot look at the first one several times to really get it but now I see some good things going on. I wouldlike to say that after looking at the last two carefully I think it went too far into the final limp cycle. I really think the upper bodies previous ratchet like motion was melodic. I really miss the clock work, wind u and pitch. Smooth animation is nice but sometimes you have to work in the flaws. It gives the action tension, and texture. I think a lot modern animation is missing that.


EarBrawley, thanks again for the comments. I took your advice about the triangle shape that the root was travelling in and tried to smooth that out a little. I had to leave a small hitch in it, however, to indicate the desire to get off of his bad leg and back onto his good leg. I hope it looks better. I also played around with his back movement in an effort to give him more momentum on the backswing of his right arm. That may or may not have corrected the timing, it’s hard for me to judge.

kendall188, I really appreciate the comments and I agree with you about giving animation a little tension and texture. They definitely add to the believability of a motion. The hard part about adding these is where and when. I think I’m still figuring that out, myself. What I’ve found, though, is that by adding “tells” to the submissive side of a character, you can add a lot of texture without making it blatantly obvious and distracting.

As far as your comments about liking the first limp better than these last few, well I appreciate it. I liked the first one, as well. The only problem I had with it was the weak silouette. What I’ll probably do is go back into that first cycle, finish animating the arms, and keep it along with my new cycle.

Here’s the new version:


Hey. Yeah the arm feels better. The hips look better too, your getting that kind of scoop motion going on. If your still gonna work some more on this, you might try delaying the head a little bit. Just a thought. Also, I feel like the stagger that you put in the left knee is getting lost now in the motion. Maybe if it came a little bit earlier. It looked nice in your second clip. Anyways, just my thoughts. I think its looking good. Cheers.


Hi Justin!

I love what you’re doing with your cycle, and whatever I write below, keep in mind, that I’m a COMPLETE STARTER! :wink: still bouncing my balls around…:slight_smile:

Here goes:

The whole walk is pretty entertaining with really extreme gestures. What I noticed is this: the arm swing is sort of dominating the walk, which is probably totally intentional, since it has a purpose (gaining momentum) but I just thought about it being a secondary thing compared to the body and foot motion (and I might be wrong as hell).

So there’s my thought (not really a crit).

Cheers, I’m looking froward to your final animation.



hey nice style n technically good work. while his left leg moves forward the weight shifts just for few frames to the right leg. therefor the hip should slide more in that direction. at the moment the postion is holding. his left hand has a nice stretch while moving downward. this has much energy. but it ends in a to stiff way like his wrist is splinted.

as regards content you traveled from a psycho “mad doc” way of movement to something that´s seriously injured, feels no pain and is walking straight for revenge. imho as zombi to fast and as victim to powerful. nevertheless good work


juhada, thanks for the comments. I appreciate the kind words. The whole reason I emphasized the arm swing over the leg drag was because of the physics of the motion. If the character wasn’t going to be able to get right-side forward momentum out of his bad leg, he had to get it from his arm, instead. After looking at this next version, if you still think it looks weird, I’ll go back and emphasize the leg even more.

Scheppi, I agree with your comments. Thanks for taking the time to make them. In this next version, I went ahead and fixed the motion of the character’s left wrist, made some tweaks to the speed of the walk, and also played around with the timing of the head, feet, and facial expression change. Hopefully it doesn’t look quite as powerful as before. If it is too powerful, I’ll probably take juhada’s advice and put a ton of emphasis on the dragging leg. Thanks again.

The next version:


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