Psycho Girlfriend, Steven Stahlberg (3D)


Title: Psycho Girlfriend
Name: Steven Stahlberg
Country: Malaysia
Software: Maya

Most of us have experienced that certain special someone turning into someone somewhat less than special, I think… for me it was a girlfriend who dumped me, then came back with her new boyfriend and walked off with my stereo… :slight_smile: My take on “Attack of the 50 ft woman”. Nothing serious, just an image I got as I was jogging one night. At first I thought I might put a small King Kong where the motorbike-dude is, make her blonde, and call it “King Kong’s Nightmare”, but in the end I thought that was a cheap joke.
Maya, MR rendering, a fair amount of PS painting (clouds, hair and other details). C&C welcome.


Wow for the First time I`ll be the first one…
Us usual I love it. If I can crit , I wold add some smal iluminations on the building on the right. It looks flat a bit, but other than that - GREAT!


As always one another great creation, i really like the ambiance of this one :thumbsup: .

The pose of the character and her face expression are really good too.:slight_smile:

Georges. :slight_smile:


Simply amazing… :bowdown:


Very nice render and composition, nothing to say, … ohh yes

congratulation, amazing work !! :eek:


This is nice work,it made me look at it certain amount of time.Looks very sexy,this raging girl
It has really good atmosphere,the clouds behind,the biker,i like it.


wow, that is pure drama! with the patented Stahlberg Playboy overlay.

you rock, man! (as we tend not to say in Oxford)


this is great work (and such a revealing angle).

debate point: erotica - can it be called so if the pixels are computer generated rather than photographed? For me, this is as erotic as any ‘shoot’. Angry young women, mmmmmmm.


Forgot to state: all vehicles from De Espona model bank.


I’m quite enjoying this recent super-burst of new artwork from you, Steven. This is probably one of my fav. of your recent new ones (well, it’s between this one and the fairy catcher one :)). Seems like you’re having alot more fun these days! :smiley:
It’s been fun to watch the WIP thread to see the various progressions, too. I dig the improved lighting tweeks in the final image (esp. the smaller green circular lights from the windows below is a nice touch).


hej stahlberg. its great, love it :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
vi ses…


good idea … i like that…:thumbsup:


Very cool pic. I like the voyeuristic with the bike looking straight at the girls underwear. :slight_smile:


Ho, ho…super sexy girl…I love:)…nice pic!!


Wow, she is Psycho allright. I wonder does she wears Victoria’s Secret too. :smiley:

Excellent work again my friend. :applause:


Definitely sexy! :love:


Hahaha I love this… Great idea…
I am gonna show this to my girlfriend today…

Good job!!!


haha, nice :slight_smile:

Did you take his helmet off though? I think he looked better with it on… unless he never had one than forget what I just said :stuck_out_tongue:


now it’s really better!Excellente job as always!


Your work is amazing! Great job on capturing that feel to the 50 foot woman!


Wow Stahlberg a really cool work. But are you sure that is the girl to be “psycho”? :wink: