…there’s a new subsurfacescattering shader available for mentalray…


here the maya port.


once again, I say Thank You Francesca for another great MR shader port!!!:thumbsup: :bounce:


Francesca you rock :slight_smile: I was waiting for someone to do a maya port :slight_smile: Thanks a lot for sharing


thx a lot…francesca! :thumbsup:



Thanks a lot Francesca!!



Where do you put the.xmp file ??


hmmm and the .mi file ? I can’t find any Mental ray file in Maya 6.0.
thanx a lot




The the mi file is in the zip Francesca posted, but you also need to go to the link she posted to download the zip from that XSI thread. In that zip you need to get the Diffusion.dll file.

Diffusion.dll goes into the ‘lib’ folder.
Diffusion.mi into the ‘include’ folder.
The scripts into the usual place.
The XPM file is a Maya icon file which goes into your prefs > icons folder.

Then you just add two lines to the Maya.rayrc file.

But you might not even need to add those lines for Maya 6 now that it has the shader manager? I’m not sure yet.



They still have to be in the maya.rayrc file. The shader manager is just so you can dynamically load and unload the shaders listed in the rayrc.


Is there a point to that?

Do the shaders take up memory perhaps?


error, while trying to use the diffusion shader with FG:
PHEN 0.2 error 051010: version mismatch: “Diffusion_version” reports version 1, declaration specifies version 0

Does anyone knows why?

Thnx in advance!


saweeeet. Except, i need a linux compile of it :slight_smile: Any chance of this happening any time soon?


This is the coolest shader ever! It would be nice if it were faster but hey, nothing’s perfect.

I’ve been playing around with it for a while now and managed to come up with the attached image. It’s a reasonably ok looking ‘bunch of grapes’. They’re too perfect, too round, not blotchy etc etc but it was just to try and get the hang of the shader.

All the grapes have the same shader. I’m SO happy that this shader works with Final Gather!!! I used HDRI in my image.

It took a long time to render though, 20 minutes. The grapes are only set on 12 samples too.



Thanx Josvex I did find the .mi but I ddon’t have any include folder on maya 6.0 ! That was my question. I guess it is hopeless cause I am on osX… Oh come on port it to osX. :blush:
Anyway bravo Francesca.



Grazie 1000 Francy-- Ma da dove vieni?? Come puoi essere la mia risorsa mentale preferita!!! Thanks :surprised


sigh… I want it too for OSX… and dirtmap as well :cry:


PHEN 0.2 error 051010: version mismatch: “Diffusion_version” reports version 1, declaration specifies version 0

sorry, my fault… I forgot the shader version…


here the new .mi file (overwrite the prev one)


The second version of the .mi doesn’t work:cry:


c’mon… guys… be a little bit more serious… post once you’ve really tried your things… nothing here can be wrong from the 1st and the 2nd mi file… I just ‘versioned’ the shader… it was working before (the above msg is a warning not an error…) and it’s working right now… not only… it’s really an easy and simply thing that anyone can do or edit… make a step on and post some imgs to thanks bigmuh and test his shader,… or have I to think maya community it’s not so good as the xsi one !?!




What’s happening here?
I’ve dowloaded the file attached yesterday and it drove me crazy to make it working until I came back today and found that I missed the .dll file :wink:

Well, I have to say that this one is not bad at all… lol
The old one from lightengine is good, but I never got success with it, I find this one better.

I’ve also played a little bit and got these results.

Thanks a lot

Edit: I forgot to say that it works fine on Maya 5.0.1