pSSSt to OSX


started this post to continue a discussion started in the pSSSt… thread

hope its a good idea to discuss all the steps how to compile these shaders (dirtmap & diffusion) for the macOSX plattform over here.

I will put a brief summup of the majour points of the discussion into this post a bit later.

may this thread be a short one and the solution of how to use these great shaders also on apples be found quickly :thumbsup:



Thanks for setting this thread up! If I get this working I will post immediately… So far still no go. I am trying to learn Xcode at the same time I am trying to figure out this compiling issue… Man I hope we get this working… If MattGee would post the files or even give me a btter walkthru on the compiling I would gladly post…




hi guys, i would have been more responsive but new users have to have their posts pre approved by a moderator and it takes a while for messages to get through.



Can you send me the compiled files? Unfortunately I was unable to get a working version of those compiled files… Did you compile the dirtmap and diffusion shaders? Or you could even post a link to those files right here in this forum. Thanks for your help, we are lloking forward to getting these shaders working for the Maya on OSX community.




Hi guys,

I am trying to dl the xcode tools too, but they (apple site) announce v1,1. Do we need version 1.2 for use with 10.3.4 ?

keep up


Are you guys all compiling for Maya6, or any of ya compiling for Maya 5? I’m running 5, and if no one else is already compling for 5 I’d like some help, please. :slight_smile:


Sorry Just for Maya 6.0 for now… I don’t have codewarrior for compiling for 5.0



I thought I could copy past the steps that happened over in the psst-thread into here, but it seems its the same old crew and everyone knows the name of the game :slight_smile:

me I am stuck with downloading all these Xtools parts. I created an account at apples-dev page and when I go to download - Xtools a ftp acount appears as a server connection on my mac.
there are 21 files on this server, all named like “Xcode_1.2_7K249.021.dmgpart.bin” all arround 29MB and each takes an age to download and the serverconnection breaks down constantly.

so do I really need these Xtools parts. is it the only way to get it (I didnt find it on my panther installatuion CDs) … or is there a ready compiled shader in sight


anyhow - great to have you arround to fight this out - I can tell you how far I would have gotten without this forum … 0


sorry guys, I’m not at my main machine

my goal was to teach you how to do this on your own because there’s very little info out there for Maya OS X users as far as compiling shaders and plugins.

mimo and pasto, the OS X dev tools you need is under the tile “Xcode Tools v1.1 complete installation from
(but i recommend using the dev tools CD from Panther for ease sake)

GaryHaus, Xcode isn’t too helpful unless your developing shaders it calls the same commands in the backgroud that i wrote down in the last thread (gcc, libtool, ar) to compile. what part didn’t work for you?

but to sum up what you need:

Maya 6.0 SDK installed from the Maya CDs
and Developer Tools from the Panther CDs

and if you move your apps from the default installation location (which isn’t recommended)
its important to know where you put them so you can change the paths to the files



Thanks for your assistance… The compile does build the but I don’t have a dirtmap.mi… I did put the .so in the appropriate location and then MR didn’t function properly. Specifically when creating MR materials in Maya 6.0 the materials had no options under there respective tabs and so I couldn’t create a single MR material after I put the newly compiled .so in the library… Thanks again for your help. I am just trying to get these shaders compiled for everyone as they are in such high demand…




the mi file was written by Horvatth Szabolcs and it’s in


after that you should be set

Heres my compiled version that works on my machine (Dual 2 ghz G5)
Lot of trouble for 8kb :wink:
Let me know if it works for you guys (its under the miscellaneous mental ray tab)


Heres Diffusion for Maya 6 OS X 10.3.4

Just the .so, the instructions for installation are in the previous pSSSt thread and the Maya docs same as other OSes.

  1. Right click

  2. Move to

  3. Move Diffusion.mi (same on all OSes get it at the main pSSSt thread “” page 10) to

  4. edit the text file maya.rayrc

add these lines

link “{MAYABASE}/lib/Diffusion.{DSO}”
mi “{MAYABASE}/include/Diffusion.mi”

  1. Rock!, it’s in the Material meltal ray tab

thanks bigMuh:) francescaluce too for the Maya specific files


Linux anyone?



You are a legend ! :buttrock:

Works like a charm. Thankyou for compiling these 2 shaders for OSX…Awesome, simply awesome. :thumbsup:

Also, not to forget bigmuh for writing these excellent shaders. You rock. :bowdown:



can somebody compile it for maya 5 too…

please… :cry:

nice day flo


what happened here overnight.
seems you had a big compile party while I was sleeping.

both shaders compiled - great - I will check them out emidiatly

thnx Matt Gee
I apprechiate your approach to school us and get us out of the compiling dependency a lot :thumbsup:

so I will try to do on my own as well …

thnx everyone
this was a little step to Matt, but a big step to the mayamac community … a historical moment for all … okok still dreamin


eh eh … thanks a lot, it seems that when I’ll upgrade to 6 I wont need to do the dirty work myself :bounce:

Thanks matt :beer: , even though I can’t use 'em yet, still stuck to version 5 :cry:

BTW - how’s maya 6 for osx ?? PC guys aren’t totally happy, many bugs


maya6 on mac is a lot faster and stabler here.
the hypershade doesnt take one minute to load as under 5.
and if you are playing with MR you can see that it is much better integrated.

now the diffusion made it crash some times

dirtmap and diffusion didnt render here till now - have to find out why:shrug:


Thanks to all for the help!!! I will be testing these shaders out today!!!





Thanx so much.
I guess I am just a graphic designer.