PSP to get EyeToy, GPS, video chat - and PSone downloadable titles


Wow!!! seems like sony means business when it comes to this hand held war.


I can’t friggin wait.


I have seen a lot of hand held devices, and i must say from my personal experience the PSP is absolutely AMAZING…I have started using it for almost everything. The only thing i would REALLY love to see is a +20GB Memory card or attachment.


mhhh, new firmware revisions - always good. looking forward to new psp exploits. i want homebrew on this thing, damnit! nice, restriction-free sony tools would be even better, i guess. quite unrealistic to hope for though.


These are cool features, just hope it nicely intergrated into the design and not make it look bulky.



Finally some good news from SONY.

(any rumors on possible price drops?)


$200 in the near future, but you lose everything initially included but the battery and charger.


That’s great but for now I’m sadly not planning to buy a PSP, even with the price drop. It’s not acceptable that a tiny Ipod could have 40gb+ of storage while my PSP would not. It’s the only thing that keeps me from buying one, it’s too expansive to get a decent memory stick.


thats why you need an Ipod in one pocket, and a PSP on another pocket.


I would already have a cellphone in the other pocket… and possibly a PDA in another. I wouldn’t want to carry another device.

The whole point of a device like a PSP is that it can (or atleast ‘should’) do it all… needing both a PSP and iPod seems to be quite frivolous. I think 4GB memory cards are already available, so that is definitly enough music for me… for now.


well, finally. I haven’y gotten a psp because i haven’t seen any decent games for the system.


I am not impressed


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