PS7 Painting / Coloring Tutorial


I am patiently wading through the great links in the above thread, but not finding anything I am really looking for. I am a traditional artist at heart, and decided I wanted to try my hand at digital painting. I have PS7 and picked up a wacom as well. I have doodled around, but I am not sure what tools/brushes are best for painting in photoshop, or how to arrange layers for it. If anyone knows any good links for realistic or comic style coloring in Photoshop, I would appreciate it.


painter is probably going to make more sense to you for starting out :slight_smile:


I’ve downloaded the trial of that, I’ll give it a try. I really don’t think I can afford more software right now though. I have seen people posting drawing from Photoshop too, so I would like to see if I can do it all in PS. I am pretty famaliar with it already.


When I used Photoshop, the good old brush and eraser tool were pretty much all I used. Avoid the smudge tool, using the Dodge and Burn tools (those are for photomanipulation, not painting!) and filters. Unless these tools are applied with expertise they’re very obvious. One site I can think of with some decent Photoshop tutorials is Nethersphere.

As for Painter, as a digital painting program, it really does kick Photoshop’s ass. The blending tools in particular are superb. I would suggest picking up Painter Classic off of eBay (it usually runs for between $10 and $25.) You get a lot of the powerful tools in Painter, but it doesn’t cost nearly as much. The biggest downside of Painter Classic is the lack of layers, but the painting and blending tools are worth it.


Laura Dupuy has a collection of links to comic book coloring tutorials over on Comic Colors.


Both these sites have good tutorials, especially Comic Color. That will be a very good place to start. I will just have to play around too. I do want to do some “comic like” coloring, but also some more realistic blending and shading, so I guess I will just have to feel out the two programs.

Thank you for the replies everyone.


Anyone have any more good tuts/books on this? Or tuts on painting like this?

(Although this may be a 3d model)



They actually have the tutorial for painting THAT image over at 3D Total

if you browse to the free stuff > tutorials then go to the Digital Painting button, scroll down pretty much to the bottom and it’s under [b]“Painting ‘Mood’” by Robert Chang



Thanks. very cool. but he doesnt really go into any detail…and I’ve never used painter. :frowning:



Guru EFX and Antartic Press put out 3 tutorial discs on coloring comics for PS 4 - CS.
Pretty decent.
HTH, -j


contrary to common overuse of the dodge/burn tools…a very effective use is to create a new layer that is 50 gray and set to overlay…and then use the dodge/burn tools on this layer…that way you have non-destructive control of the tools


Sorry, a newb here. I understand that it’s not advisable to use the dodge and burn tool. But I just can’t do without the smudge tool. Yes, using the default set of brushes the smudge tool is ugly, but I made a custom brush consisting of random sparse of pixels. It works quite well in blending the colors (no ugly oversmoothed look). That is the only way I can ‘push’ colors around as in traditional brushes. What do you use?


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