Ps3 to use blu-ray disc


don’t know if this cg related move it if its not.

from game spot

PlayStation 3 to use Blu-ray Disc

Sony hopes the move will help jump-start the market for the new high-storage format.

TOKYO–According to Kyodo News, Sony officials announced today that they will use Blu-ray Disc technology in their next-generation console, most commonly referred to as the PlayStation 3. Sony revealed its decision at a press conference held by the Blu-ray Disc Founders (BDF), an organization committed to developing and standardizing the next-generation optical disc format. The BDF also used the occasion to announce that it will finalize the specifications for the read-only version of Blu-ray Discs (BD-ROMs) by September 30.

Sony has been investing heavily into Blu-ray product development and was the first company to have a disc recorder on the market. The company had previously hinted that it may use the format in the PS3. Sony’s Blu-ray Disc R&D division chief Kiyoshi Nishitani commented in an interview with Asahi PC magazine in March that the company would like to establish ground in the Blu-ray Disc market by adopting BD-ROMs for its “home video game console.”

The Blu-ray Disc Founders organization is composed of Sony, Panasonic, and 11 other major electronic makers. Like its predecessor, the DVD, the BD-ROM will primarily be used for movies. The companies plan to start marketing Blu-ray Disc playback machines (without recording capabilities) by the end of the fiscal year.

Sony is relying heavily on the Blu-ray Disc format, so the use of Blu-ray as the market standard in next-generation media is vital, especially since the company also publishes movies through its Sony Pictures subsidiary. Adopting the Blu-ray Disc for the PS3 should help spread use of the format, similar to what the PlayStation 2 did for DVDs.

Early expansion of the Blu-ray format would be ideal for Sony, considering it will have to compete with high-definition DVDs (HD DVD) in the future. Blu-ray Discs can hold 25GB on a single layer and 50GB on the dual-layer discs, while HD DVD discs–which have yet to be released–will hold only 30GB on a dual-layered disc. However, HD DVD has the upper hand when it comes to convenience, as its players will be backward-compatible with current DVDs. Sony did not say whether the PS3 would be able to play DVDs or will be backward-compatible with PS2 games.

Sony said it will reveal more details on the PlayStation 3 at a premiere event in Japan on March 31, 2005. The console will also be on display at next year’s E3 in Los Angeles.

By Hirohiko Niizumi – GameSpot
POSTED: 08/04/04 10:33 AM PST


What a surprise. Sony chooses its own Blu-ray disc format to go into its own Playstations.

Blu-ray will probably win over the rival HD-DVD format. Blu-ray has more than a 6 month development lead over its rivals. It will be hard to refer to it as a “Bee Dee” though.


woohoo another format war… if they want even a shot at competing with HD DVD they’ll need to be backwards compatible with dvd. Anybody have the specs on what is a bluray video disc, what codec/audio standards etc ?


The Playstation 3 using Blu Ray has little effect on whether Blu Ray can succeed over HD-DVD. Right now I’d say Sony has an uphill battle. HD-DVD supports 3 codecs(MPEG2, AVC and VC-9) Blu Ray only supports MPEG2 and is looking at adding a second either AVC or VC-9 but I’d hardly say they are in “any” lead over HD-DVD.

The next biggie is production costs. HD-DVD can be produced in todays DVD plants will little trouble in changing over. A DVD takes about 3 seconds max to be produced. An HD-DVD takes 3.5. Blu Ray has admitted that they are at 4 seconds. Doesn’t sound like a lot but multiply that .5 second times billions of discs. Time= Money.

The winner won’t be known for years but we do know what it will take to win. The most Major Studio content support wins. Sony has Columbia but unless they can get Warner, Universa, Buena Vista and others to produce Blu Ray content they are dead.

Bill Gates just pledged Longhorn support for HD-DVD. If Blu Ray doesn’t add VC-9 don’t expect Microsoft to throw any support behind it.


I think sony would make a hell a lot more money if they don’t make blu-ray disc burners.


This is both good and bad news. For me, it’s good. The reason is that i’m too poor to invest in the latest and greatest anything. So by the time that i do have money to “upgrade” we’ll probably have a good idea of which direction this media war is taking (i hope). On the other hand, anyone who can afford the latest and greatest when it comes out; may end up like those of us who bought a Sega Dreamcast saying that it would be the best system ever:banghead:.


there is just no way that everyone is going to jump through another format hoop again…they’ve barely got dvd machines offering recording and hard drives, to go through all that again and have to buy new dvds for the blu ray.

me thinks that blu ray will go the way of DAT and DVD-ram or minidisc (in fact i’d lay money on it)


I guess just see it now.

You bring your mother to BestBuy or some electronics store. She wants to get dad a new DVD player but she doesn’t know which one. So you explain.

You “Mom this player here is HD-DVD, it can play old DVDs and the new ones as well!”
Mom blinks
You “This one here is (deep voice) THE BLU-RAY! It can hold 50gigs using dual layers, thats 20 gig over the HD-DVD discs! but its can’t play DVDs but…”
Mom doesn’t let me finish, she picks up the HD-DVD player and walks towards the front counter

The only way Blu-ray would compete is if it can do everything that HD-DVD can. If they dont get it to do everything then just leave it in the Playstation 3 and dont try and make it ‘THE NORM’ for watching movies and playing music etc.


sounds like Sony wants to get back some of the money on sales of new ps3s that it lost in sales of ps2 games when people realized that ps2 games were way more expensive than ps1 games and ps1 games still played on the ps2.


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