PS - Edit alpha channel per layer


I need to be able to edit the alpha channels on different layers separately, but it appears they are linked. If I change the alpha on one layer it will change it on the other as well. I can edit the RGB on both layers separately, but not the alpha. Any way to do this without creating separate PSDs?


In Photoshop there is no direct method to affect the transparency (alpha channel) of a specific layer. There is a way to convert the transparency to a layer mask, though: Layer->Layer Mask_>From Transparency. That allows you to work on the “alpha channel” per layer. When you are finished apply the layer mask.

A more direct approach is delivered by Photoline: the eraser tool works directly on the transparency/alpha channel, and the drawing tools allow the user to draw in the A (Alpha channel) only. Aside from that, like Photoshop, creating a layer mask based on Alpha is pretty much identical to the process in PS.

Unfortunately, Photoshop does not offer tools to directly draw in the A channel.


I kinda thought so. Thanks for the layer mask tip.


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