Proxy smooth and UV layouts???


I am finishing textures on one of three characters for my short film for graduation. I am using the proxy smooth on polygons. I did my UV mapping, exported the snapshot to Photoshop, painted it and brought it back into maya. I apply the texture to the smoothed poly not the cage and it looks fine but when I try to animate the character the texture stays put and smears instead of moving with the character. Also, I deleted history on my characters before skinning and now after UV layout I have a huge history from move and sew of UV’s etc. Is there a way to avoid the history or just clear the UV mapping so my skins and blendshapes are not affected? Thanks for anybodys help!


Obviously you could delete the history and rebind. Or you could have done your uv layout before binding.

One approach you could take in future is to do your uv layout on a duplicate of the mesh that you are binding. Then do a uv-transfer from the duplicate back to the original. If you do the transfer with history on, you can keep tweeking uvs while you animate. You can delete history from the duplicate from time to time to keep things clean.

good luck


The uv layout was not on my original!! This was I can test on the duplicate. How can I do a uv transfer though. I tried to copy and paste and I tried the create UV sets but they were on different files and it did not work. But I will try it somehow! Any idea why the textures swim and dont stay on the model?



Polygons>transfer (click option box) there’s a check box for vertices, UV sets, and vertex color. Click UV sets then click transfer (with both objects selected)


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