Proton's four pointer


Ok I am getting a little frustrated here. Lately every tutorial I do I seem to miss something and it gets all screwed up.

Now I thought I could not go wrong with proton’s four point tutorial, which I thought would come in handy with one of my current disasters. But hey what do you know it became a disaster in it’s own right.

Here is what I got…


And this is what it is supposed to have turned out like…


(edit) didn’t wait for your second post. I remember his tutorial but didn’t read through it completely. But i’m pretty sure he was showing a good way of adding detail and getting around using 3 point polys with 4 point polys in this way. I’m not sure what exactly you are trying to do, were you trying to make that shape? or make the shape you have to that one?

But in any case, you should try and apply his tutorial to something practical like a simple face or something, I think that would be a good way of understand how the 4 point triangles work.


I created two boxes with no depth to resemble what proton had in his tutorial.

The link for those who have not been there is

Then I followed the instructions but as you can see it looks different. Yet I did exactly the same thing.


Oh, I see.
His selection order of the last two points in backwards. You should weld 2->1 and then you’ll get the image. The way he was them highlighted will result in what you have.

It still works either way.


CMan is right, all you need to do, is weld the other way. Think of it this way, whatever point is selected LAST, is where everything will end up.

Good luck.


Cant you just drag that lower middle vertice to make it look the same?


“Cant you just drag that lower middle vertice to make it look the same?” -wgreenlee1

yeah thats what im thinking. its all good either way. :slight_smile: same example


hehehe…You got it dead on…It really doesnt matter if you have the points in the same place that I did…all that matters is that you go from 2 polygons to one…and you did…

congrats…you got it!:thumbsup:


actualy i think your way is better! I’m sure it’s going to present no artifacts if bented.I’m not sure about the original tho.I don’t like that polygon with the 3 out of 4 points alighned at the y axis


Well I must say that the two “versions” do bend in very different ways when you start shifting points around. So maybe it will depend on the stuation as to which one will work best.


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