Proton-RenderCommand:look at this idea


Can you pass this along to tech guys?

Robust RenderCommand TAB
Make LW a compositors friend!

Is it possible to have where lw can assign renderoutput (frames, qt, or avi) to different cameras in one scene file.

A master render view - to check what camera(s)
is gonna render when u hit F10.

Render a frame per object:
U have a car, plane and boat
When you render the scene…it render in each object in different folders . Car_001, Plane001, etc But seeing how material ID handles this …maybe not.

This would sorta look between the current render taba nd the spreadsheet editor. Basically something nice and neat to manage final output. I would recommend buffer options but it looks like that belongs only in the image procressing tab.


Send me an email and I will get it top the team:


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