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Hey Proton (or anyone else who wants to add something),

What’s up with the really useless tutorial on Creating a morph target on Newtek’s site? I mean, I went to the tutorials page hoping to be able to learn something about how to create a morph target for an item and was surprised that the tutorial only shows one small thing that I already knew from reading the manual… It seems it would almost be better to not have this tutorial at all… Any chance of getting a better tutorial on this sometime? Thanks!


First …I would disagree with you 100% about this being a useless tutorial…I’ve gotten many emails from users who have liked the tut…

Secondly…If that tutorial isn’t what you need, you’ll need to be more specific on what you are looking for…Creating Morph targets is quite simple…what part are you confused on?


Well, as to what I’m confused about, I do know from other tutorials how morph targets can be used, but I don’t know what the steps are for actually creating a morph target. It seems that the tutorial could benifit from showing some object, then the morphed object, then how you go about using that as a morph target. The simple explanation on the page seems useless to me because it just says “Choose NEW from the Morph pop-up”… well, to me that seems pretty self explanatory… but what does that apply to? When should I do that? before I create the morphed object? It leaves much to be desired… Maybe those who found the tutorial useful were looking only for the “NEW” button under the “Morph pop-up”, but I was hoping for more… Thanks for the quick response though… I appreciate your time!


Here’s the problem as I see it.

You’re looking for a tutorial on “doing my problem” - and unless we hire a PreCog in the LightWave tutorial division, there’s no way to know or do everyone’s problem as a tutorial.

Here’s what you can do.

On the tutorials main page is this:

Tutorial Ideas?

Submit ideas for tutorials! But please, these tutes do help a lot of people, and bashing one because it didn’t help you is unfair.

Also, remember what these tutorials cost you – nada. And what they cost the people that do them is time and effort. They get nothing out of it, other than the feeling that they are helping the community.

You can do your part to help the community as well.



Hmm… strange… it would seem that my request is not something just for me, but instead is something that I think would help everyone… The better the tutorial, the more other people can learn from it. I think you are completely wrong when you say that I just want something for my particular situation. I was simply hoping to find something useful. Now, I’ll give you the benifit of the doubt and assume you haven’t seen this tutorial or that you and I are thinking of some different tutorial, but the one I’m describing from the Lightwave tutorials page listed under MORPH, doesn’t seem to describe very much when compared to some of the other great tutorials on the page… I simply think it would be more useful to have more information in a tutorial than a small picture and some text saying click on NEW. It just seems a bit weak.


please send a link:
Lightwave tutorials page listed under MORPH

which one are you talking about


Here’s a link to the tutorial I’m talking about.

Thanks again guys for your help with this.


yo Oxygen… which tutorial are you talking about…you’ve ranted and raved on and on about what is wrong…

how about a link so we can see what you’re fussing about.



I was referencing this tute:

Take a look at this one, mabye it’ll help more.

Sorry for the confusion.

The tute that you referenced was “inside vertex paint” usage. That’s where you learn about Vertex Paint and doing morph control with it.

Try the one that I listed above, might help better.



Please see the post directly above yours for what you requested.


First …You are in teh Vertex Docs tutorial…so you got lost…:smiley:

Secondly…Here is what you are looking for (I think)

It’s 3 pages long…that should do the trick…


I don’t know what he’s talking about, there is no specific morph tutorial on the LW site that I saw, but this Facial Setup tut covers endomorphs in-depth, Facial Setup


Also Oxygen…Page 866 of 1078 in the Lightwave 7 PDF manual (28.42 is the start of it if you’re looking in your physical manual) shows you how to create Morph targets to be animated with Morph Mixer.

hope this helps.

Endormorphs are a very powerful and easy way of animating. Good luck with it.


OK, cool… this does seem more like what I was looking for… so I guess now my question is what is the other tutorial that I saw supposed to be for? Oh, and sorry for being so stupid so as to not realize I was in the Vertex Paint area…


That’s just one very small part of a much larger tutorial on how to use Vertex Paint. It’s not a morphing tutorial. If you want to know how to use morphs, the manual explains it pretty well, page 28.44.


This is the first page of the “Vertex Paint” docs - and will answer most questions.

Hey, glad we could help ya out!


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