ProRender causing standard/physical Team Render to fail?


Can anyone please check this out - see if its just an issue my end?

Working on scene in R19 brought in from R18. Using Team Render to render a single frame to picture viewer (c4d physical render) with my small farm - works great as usual.
Switched the render engine to ProRender to have a play around.
Switched back to physical in render settings - team render now fails with a missing plugin error "ProRender ID 1037639) on all clients.

Feels like ProRender is adding something into the scene that then causes the clients to fail when you switch back to the internal engines?



edit… the error is still there after a restart so don’t test this on a file that you might need to team-render!!
edit 2… cut and pasting everything into a new file fixes the team-render problem - but swap renderer to ProRender then back to physical/standard and it no longer works


I can confirm the issue. So it is not just you :slight_smile:

Here is a workaround for now:
Disable “Exclude Client On Loading Error” in the TR settings. It will still throw a warning but render nontheless. That will at least spare you the copying into new file.


This seems very logical since Prorender converts the c4d shaders to Prorender shaders. That is the shader converting process in Picture viewer you can see in the beginning of rendering. And if you open the scene again inernally all is stored as Prorender shader I guess. It is basically a 3rd PArty engine implemented into C4d at the moment with a C4d GUI