Props for a personal VFX project


Hello everybody,
I’m following a 4 month course for VFX and we’re working on our projects,
Mine included a car, a container and a wall
It’s the first time for me modelling an entire car, it’s supposed to be a citroen berlingo of 2005 converted to military purposes (UN vehicle)

This below it’s just a shader test to see how the reflections behaves, it’s all geometry and material that’s why behaves cartoonish

Render is Arnold 5,
Modelled with Maya and nurbs.

The lights still need a LOT of love


One of the other props I’m modelling, it’s not very detailed because it will not be an hero object, the distance from camera will be more or less twice or trice this beauty shoot


Texturing of one can


Textured the Browning


Container, this one will be seen from twice the distance it’s actually from


The car also got some texture love


this is actually pure shading, ad a couple of mask, was exercising with shading


This is all the Geo combined and ready to be rendered in a video


This is the geometry with the background plate integrated, still some work to do, but
what do you guys think about the color integration of the objects? do you feel it’s ok with the rest of the plate or not?
There is still a lot that needs to be addressed (some of the objects have a wrong lighting)


Had a mistake with the geometry and the skydome.
This is the new geometry with the new integration.


I decided that the wall itself was not getting integrated very well with the whole ambience, as I needed it to be modelled for Houdini destruction, I wasn’t able to recreate a similar wall to the one in the background, so I decided to change completely the kind of wall.
I’m going for this style


Added more pieces with different textures and variation, also added rebar where it make sense (placeholder shader).
The hooks will be deformed in different variation also


Remodelled and reshaded the crates (were a little too simple)
What do you think of this shader? they seems a little too much shiny and the wood soft


This is the new shading of the car, changed the pattern of the mud overall


me humble hombre
i think the wooden crate looks good to me. Like brandnew. I am not an expert, but i say the lighting makes it or breaks it nomatter how good its textured.
Not saying the light isn’t good enough, but it can change the look, the mood dramaticly. Maybe make it look more worn out.

As for the car, might have more glossy/reflection in the paint. Car has a bit of plastic feel to it.


Thank you for your considerations.
Well, for the crate you are right, those are just a studio light setup very simple, in the scene they work already better, they have been modelled, textured and shaded everything in something like 4 or 5 hours, just because I didn’t like the older crates enough, and i’m close to my deadline. I might add some extra dirt on them, just to have some more variation if time permits it.

The car I know if feels strange, but it’s in a military context and has been painted this color to avoid reflection and stuff. The thing is Back when I started I was starting to model an URAL truck for this scene, and the paint might have fit much better, problem is I got suggested to use the same car as the plate (in the background plate there is a citroen berlingo that has been replaced by this one) just so it could have felt more real. Then I realized it was not going to reflect the cg envrironment, and I wanted to change the color of the original one, and I started modelling the same car, but at that point I could have modelled the truck.


Yes, afterwards you know better. URAL truck had been a better choice, but it is what it is now considering time deadline.

I now understand it with military paint camouflage. Well , what could you do to make that more of a likeness. What about a way
to have some sort of light absorbance? Just thinking of something, you know, like the paint would not have a shinyness at all? See
how that looks. There could be some color value fine tuning if you know what i mean. I like the idea, i hope you succeed


it’s finally finished.
This is the final product.
I would like to hear your opinions about it