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This thread is dedicated to the study of HUMAN and ANIMAL PROPORTIONS. Please post your links / thoughts / Resources here.

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French site with what look to be LOOMIS proportional charts:

A fetus > adult female reference chart of proportions:

Facial Proportions (Caucasian Male):

A fairly decent Proportional chart showing the Skeleton:

Vetruvian Man:

“Standard” Body Proportions:

Cool site! Showing Proportions of Face and Body:

Cute site with Facial Proportion Tutorial:

Interesting! Laocoon Group Proportions, French:

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Hi rebeccak,
my old reference site
some proportion and muscle references, sculls, also vitruvian man

scanned from old soviet estonian book “Plastiline Anatoomia”

ps. some day i make my site cooler




AWESOME! Thanks for this great post!

You might want to RELINK your URL ~ it isn’t really hyperlinked :), but I could just copy and past the URL into a browser, no prob :slight_smile:

How many drawings on your site are yours? This is an excellent resource, thank you!



none of those are my drawings
just scans from my “library”. I own few old soviet anatomy, drawing and painting books for beginners (from 1950-1960).

i put those online so i could easily use references straight from browser anyplace anytime.
actually i almost never do…like i never learned to use calendar.


Ok, I was looking for the right place to post my gesture experiments which I had done for the gesture lesson which seems to be dead =)
So, I would be greatful and am looking forward for feedback.

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I’m sorry, I haven’t forgotten you, just been swamped with stuff to do lately!

We have this lovely thread set up just for you! :slight_smile:

Gesture Drawings - Post Your Best Gesture Drawings Here! - 2D TRADITIONAL / DIGITAL

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hi, here are some of my old proportion studies… inspired by an anatomy book from gottfried bammes “die gestalt des menschen”

i didn´t spend too much attention on the gender at that time … but it was a lot of fun using the different materials…
looking at the figures… hmm… i think i´m more of a “women” painter :smiley:

maybe this is useful :slight_smile:


Cranial Index:

This is an important measurement also known as the 5-eye line.

Unlike full heads, this unit hits a lot of important bony landmarks.

It is the distance from top of head to just under nose.

Another one takes you to the pit of the neck.

Another one takes you to the points of the ribcage.

Another one takes you to the pelvic points.

It is the width of a head.

It is the length of a sternum.

It is the length of a scapula.

It is the length of a clavicle.

Two of them make a humerus; the lower arm is 80% of this.

Three of them make a femur; the lower leg is 80% of this.

It is a handy little measuring tool that I try to make the basis of all my judgements of figure proportions.


Here´s a link of some on-line books of Adrew Loomis:
Great books.



Thanks, guys, for all the useful posts!!! :slight_smile:



any tips on training your eyes for proportion? I have been having the hardest time being able to draw proportionally, are there any exercises to getting this down? I know the measurements it’s just i have a hard time drawing them :confused:



I highly recommend the books by Burne Hogarth, who really takes you through body proportions step by step and has the best systemmatic visual breakdown of the body I have ever seen. I don’t think that people should actually end up drawing in Hogarth’s style, but he is great for learning how to simplify complex form and for seeing the parts in relation to the whole. I have many of his books, including Dynamic Anatomy, His books on hands, etc. You can find his book titles in the Resources section, which I’ll link in a moment. While online sources are good, it’s always best to have a handy reference manual like Hogarth’s great books as a ready reference.

Good luck! :slight_smile:



I have dynamic anatomy :smiley: I just want to be able to draw the proportions :frowning:



See post #2 in this thread ~ it has many useful links. Also, there are basically no magic formulas for memorizing proportions ~ after all, the purpose of knowing proportions is so that artists can use them in their work. I really recommend using the Hogarth books to their best advantage ~ a good exercise that helped me to learn facial and body proportions was to trace many of Hogarth’s images, as well as drawings by Old Masters. I recommend this as an exercise which helps to put the feeling of proportions into one’s hand. Trust me, unless you are incredibly analytical and mathematically inclined, which most artists are not (there are of course exceptions), you will not be thinking of ratios and numbers as you try to draw a hand.

Use the resources provided in this thread as well as the resources which you already have to their best advantage. Try tracing images to imprint standard proportions into your hand and memory.

Good luck! :slight_smile:



Figure Drawing, Artistic Anatomy, Perspective and more…


Getting proportions right is something I struggle with, also. I appreciate the tracing suggestion. Does anyone have any other suggestions of exercises I can do without access to a live model to help me in this area? Thank you in advance for your suggestions!



You should definitely check out the excellent and informative threads of DoctorBone:

‡‡‡‡‡ The Bone Zone ‡‡‡‡‡

[TUTORIALS - Bones & Muscles & Flesh - by The Bone Doctor](

[DoctorBone's CGPortfolio](

Also, most Anatomy and Drawing Books talk about proportions in some way.

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Hi, this is my first post :applause:
thanks for all the usefull link :love:
anyway i just found a good link of human proportion :thumbsup:



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