proportions free ref.chart your input needed


Hi guys and gals, I recently was working with characters and found that I can’t find some easy to look at (actually by one glance finding the neccesary proportions) chart that I could easily use. So I made one by myself for my use. But I’d like to freely share it with cgsociety but need your input for correct translation and maybe your notes and thoughts on proportions. Here is what I came with for now, I translated it from russian (as long as it’s my language), but I know there are some language mistakes. So if you can help me, it would be great and I hope this material can be handy to many modellers and sketchers.


I think that looks pretty good. :slight_smile:


I just need to check spelling here, it will take you just 5 minutes if english is your native. :cool:, and then we could add it to resources of this forum. Can somebody help please? :beer:


Hi there, I did some grammar and spelling corrections. I hope they help.


Fantastic, Rebecca! :applause: Thank you a lot, I already didn’t expect somebody to help and thought everybody is too busy. :cry: I will redo this one today with your notes. If you will have some time later to correct the 2 that left, would be just great (but thank you anyway) and we could finish and put it into the resources section, or as you will suggest. Anyways, you are the leader here. :beer:

I can see that in the 1-st picture I missed one bit and it’s still n russian, and it says “the lower part of the arm is 1 and 2\3 of head’s height”, well, just in case. And I see that this “w” and “h”(head’s width and height) may be not clear, maybe it’s better to replace with full words, not sure.


No problem. :slight_smile: Sorry I wasn’t able to get to this sooner.

I would just change that last bit to:

The lower part of the arm is 1 2/3 of the head’s height.

I think this is a very useful addition, so thank you. :slight_smile:


Uh-oh, I just checked with IE, and 2 of 3 are not displaying, but I can see them in opera. Well, I will try another way.


Maybe the reason is the size of the post, that’s why they were not displayable.


My mistake is that it’s hard to correct the mistakes, so I will put the text version, so if you can, just write correct spelling on the opposite side, e/g:
man and woman figure - male and female figure

I will update the first pic very soon, it’s almost ready. Just help me with 2 that left please.


8-head man(ideal)figure

shoulders width - 3 widthes of a head and 2 heights of a head
upper arm part with shoulder is 3\4 widthes of a head
width of one shoulder is 1\2 width of a head
upper part of torso on the level of armpit is 2 widthes of a head
width of upper arm part is appr. 1\2 of a head
width of pelvis is a bit bigger than 1.5 widthes of a head
width of lower arm part is a bit less 1\2 width of a head
width of thigh is 1 width of a head and 2 heads of hips width
width of lower leg part is a bit bigger than 1\2 width of a head

neck’s height is 1\2 of a head
jugular cavity and clavicle are a bit lower than shoulders
upper arm part is a bit bigger than 1.5 of a head
upper torso part is 2 heads height
torso with neck is 3 heads height
lower part of torso and lowe pert of arm is 1 head height
lower part of arm is 1 and 2\3 of a heads height
palm is a bit bigger than 2\3 of face, or 3\4
upper leg part(incl. knee) from the end of pubis is 2 heads
lower part of leg(incl. foot) is 2 heads height
ankle of inner side is always higher than outer

ear visually divides by 3 parts
the line of nipples and armpit
navel, is the end of lower part of torso, elbow
the end of pubis, wrist, the middle of the figure
arms go approximately to the middle of thigh
the lower line of knee
footstep divides by 3 parts:heel, the midle and toes(the grounding of smal and big ones)
the length of footstep appr. equals to the heads height

HEAD-by form is an egg, converging to chin diagonally
there’s one eye between eyes
the line of eyes is in the middle of the head
the nose base is between eyes and chin
lower line of a lower lip is between nose base and chin
ear’s height is from brow’s line to the nose base
ear’s start is in the vertical middle of the head

head is wider from side
neck is bent towards


the length of a forefinger and the third finger is equal
the length of a palm equals to fingers length and is a square by its form
the visible part of a thumb equals by length to the little finger
the palm from the thumb side is longer

the wrist width equals to its double thickness

the hand from finhers side is wider than from wrist’s, but thicker
the thumb does not lay in one plane with others and frontally put to side


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